Happy Birthday, America!
We’re off today, but you know we’ll still be playing bangers all holiday long on Go 96.3. We’ll actually be commercial-FREE after 3:00pm, thanks to our sponsor Ideal Image, the Advanced Medspa!
If you’re out and about, look for the #GoAudiMobile  and come say hi at the Apple Valley Freedom Days Parade at 1pm. You never know who will show up!
So, how will your favorite radio personalities be spending their 4th of July?
Ben: Soaking up the sunshine next to the Weber with treasures from my meat freezer! Summit EPA for life.
Dana: My 4th of July will be spent grilling food all day at the Wessel Rooftop Bar and Grill in Uptown. If you’re nearby you should tweet me and come on up!
Giselle: I’ll be at home, just staring at my adorable new hamster-puppy, trying to come up with a name for her.
Christy: Sleeping in for the 4th of July is a must, because it’s all about the fireworks later.  BTW – where are the best fireworks in the cities?
Reed: Boppin’ around looking for burgers and beer. No plans. I’m just going to float wherever the fireworks take me.
Jordan: My permanent +1 and I will be gallivanting around the metro to attend numerous barbecues. I also plan on spending no less than three figures while online shopping because what’s more patriotic than that.
Zach: “I’m planning on starting the day with a mini pub-crawl-by-bicycle with my family to check out some new breweries, and then I’ll post up in the backyard for the rest of the day. Excited to see what kind of show my fireworks-loving South Minneapolis neighbors will have in store for me.”
No celebration is complete without some great music, so we hope you’ll be tuning in throughout your 4th of July festivities. Take your day to enjoy the sun, food, and fireworks and from all of us here at Go 96.3, happy 4th of July!
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