Photo by Steph Wilson

Go 96.3 is bringing the globe-trotting indie-pop band Superorganism to First Avenue for our next Go Show on August 3rd. This show is 18+, and advance tickets will cost just $16.96!

Click here to purchase Superorganism Go Show tickets!


If you tried to dream up the quintessential band for 2018, your imagination would have a tough time coming up with a more fitting group than Superorganism. Currently residing in London but made up of members from Maine, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, Superorganism’s personnel found one another via YouTube videos and bonded over absurdist memes.

The band’s sound contains all the glitchy, pixelated noise of an old GeoCities page, married to a pure pop aesthetic that should quickly draw in fans of bands like MGMT, Foster the People, and Empire of the Sun.

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