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Holla if ya hear bizarre conspiracy theories!

It’s been an emotional few weeks for longtime fans of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur and his one-time label Death Row Records. Shortly following former Death Row label head Suge Knight‘s prison sentencing, word got out that Tupac’s Estate has recently settled its lawsuit with the former label, which will result in two new 2Pac albums in the near future.

Knight’s son Suge J. Knight subsequently went on an Instagram posting spree, initially teasing that Pac might be discussing Kanye and Trump on the records. Knight then quickly turned serious, declaring “TUPAC IS ALVE” and “Tupac is in Malaysia.”

Knight then proceeded to make his case for Pac’s survival with obviously photoshopped images of Pac with 50 Cent and Beyoncé, followed by the unprompted assertion “I’m not on drugs.”

Whether Knight’s claims of Pac’s livelihood have any evidence backing them beyond Instagram hi-jinx still remains to be seen.





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