In traditional Blackbear manner, he released his latest album, Digital Druglord,on 4/20.

This 10-track project, comes less than a month after releasing Mansionz with Mike Posner. The top three songs off the duo’s self-titled album have already racked up millions of plays on Spotify.

The SoundCloud champion opted for Spotify and iTunes for his latest drop, which features 24hrs and Juicy J.

Moody introduction

Blackbear creates a somber introduction in “Hell Is Where I Dreamt of You and Woke Up Alone,” as he croons over piano chords about doing too many drugs. As the track progresses, he digs deeper into his feelings. The transition to “Moodz” is smooth, and Atlanta-based autotune master, 24hrs, enters the track with finesse.

Sharp wordplay and production

By the third track, the production takes a more upbeat turn. The angsty “I Miss the Old U,” provides the perfect setup for the vibe-heavy single “Do Re Mi.” Blackbear climbs up to a soothing falsetto as he recites crafty lyrics like, “Do re mi fa so f*cking done with you girl, so f*cking done with all the games you play/ I ain’t no tic tac toe, send the X and Os on another note I’m ghost.”

In “Wish U the Best” the beat has jazzy and electronic, Daft Punk-esque sound. In this mid-album track, he proves his confidence as a producer and person, as he sings “I would wish you the best, but you already had it.”

Dennis Rodman effect 

Similar to the Dennis Rodman feature on the Mansionz track “Dennis Rodman,” Blackbear was able to rope in Juicy J for a verse on “Juicy Sweatsuits.” Again, Blackbear is able to show his assertiveness, as he sings about moving on from his insecure exes. Juicy J blessed the track with a short and proud verse about stunting on ex-lovers through newly acquired jewels.

Still figuring it out

Although many other 20-somethings aren’t making the millions Blackbear is, they can relate to his consistent theme of back-and-forth feelings in this project.

In the last portion of the album, he feels confident in what he can provide in a relationship in “Double,” but feels another way in the next two songs. Ironically, Blackbear insists he doesn’t want to any solid relationship or any strings attached in “If I Could I Would Feel Nothing” and “Chateau.”

Creative samples

Blackbear closes out the album with another falsetto-heavy track called “Make Daddy Proud,” which is essentially a remix of fellow SoundCloud artist, Jeremy Zucker’s “Heavy.”

Other notable samples include, his take on “Rydia” by BASECAMP in “If I Could I Would Feel Nothing” and his spin on “Second Nature” by Stalking Gia in “Wish U the Best.”

Make sure to mark your calendars and buy your tickets for his show at Myth in June.

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