The world is about to have a lot more Mansionz in it. That’s the name of a new R&B duo composed of singer-songwriter Mike Posner and SoundCloud king Blackbear, who just released their self-titled debut album.

After Mike Posner’s mega-hit “Cooler Than Me” and Blackbear’s proven ability as a composer under his birth name Mat Musto, they were brought together to co-write “Boyfriend” for Justin Bieber.

They’ve also collaborated on each others’ work – from Blackbear’s feature on Posner’s “OshFest” and Posner showing up on “obvious” off drink bleach. They’ve also made neon-green hairstyles part of their signature look. Here are five highlights of the album.

“Dennis Rodman”

If you want an explanation to the neon green hair, then “Dennis Rodman” is your answer. This track is bouncy, carries a carefree attitude, and features the NBA Hall of Famer himself. Blackbear told LA Weekly that the duo’s signature hairdo is them paying homage to Rodman. “We want to be like him. He does whatever he wants to,” Blackbear explained.

Posner proves he does whatever he likes through his line about “sipping an Odwalla in a clean Impala.”

’80s vibes

The quirk doesn’t stop there. “Wicked” comes in like a curveball due to the new wave feel to the production. The song includes a seamless verse from G-Eazy, in between falsetto bars about a not-so-nice girl from both Posner and Blackbear.

Music for getting ready to go out

The whole easy-listening album could fall under this category with the combination of Blackbear’s rasp and Posner’s high-pitched, passionate vocals. However, there are a couple standout tracks that would be a perfect addition to your playlist of jams you listen to as you pick out the perfect outfit for an evening out.

The chorus lines “Did you know you’re on fire?” and “Did you know that you’re beautiful?” of “Gorgeous” are simple ego boosters. And rocking out to the smooth guitar chords of both “Gorgeous” and “Rich White Girls” is an easy ways to calm nerves before heading out the door.

All the feels

The emotions are plentiful through the album. Particularly, the artists discuss spirituality, depression, and the price of fame.

In “Nobody Knows,” they take almost six minutes to explain how their complex personalities combined with their multi-millionaire lifestyles isn’t something easy for anyone to fully understand. In the track, Posner moves from convincing vocals to a poetic cry for help.

On the other hand, the acoustic sounds and verse from CyHi the Prynce work together to create another thoughtful track tilted “White Linen.” In it, Posner sincerely questions the point of sleeping around.

The finale

The final track wouldn’t have felt right without humor. The theatrical and clever “The Life of a Troubadour” does just the trick.

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