Lately it’s as if Minnesota hip-hop and R&B artists are trying to one up the weather with all the heat that they’re bringing.

We’ve gathered up a range of tracks released recently by local artists that are ready to be added to your summer playlist.

Read on and click play to hear a sampling of the magic local artists and producers are crafting, including some of Greg Grease’s recent solo work and Dizzy Fae’s latest joint.

Solo dolo

“Never one for fake smiles,” Greg Grease sings as he opens up “Down So Long,” the title track of his upcoming album. The production on this first one pairs together the perfect amount of raw instrumentation and heavy bass. Grease swiftly moves from a melodious sung chorus to his always-insightful rapping on the verses.

The Zuluzuluu member recently told Bandcamp that part of the aim of Down So Long is to make a thoughtful commentary on current political events. “I was raised on, and grew up enjoying, content that talks about issues people might not necessarily want to talk about,” he said. He added that his album that is due on August 11 has been in the works since last summer.


Minneapolis emcee Lizea Harper recently released a chilled-out seven song album called DIVE. The second track, “Late Night,” is composed of a vibey, atmospheric beat. Harper’s signature stacked, yet soft flow helps paint a picture of a late night drive. This track also includes the only feature on the project, which is a bouncy, confident verse by Sieed Brown, week two champion of Shut Up and Rap.

In the chorus, Harper sweetly rhymes and recites the perfect mantra for wild summer night: “Outta sight, let’s just drive/We’ll have a new life in the moonlight.”

Another “Late Night”

Similar to Harper’s new song, this next one also traces “Late Night” activities. However, this time the scene is more of a fast-paced party or club setting. The 808 beat of “Late Night” is packed with a bounciness similar to Madeintyo’s “Skateboard P,” yet contains the heaviness of Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps.”

Jay Cipher takes the lead on this wavy track by singing auto-tune enhanced lyrics, including, “Late night in Atlanta I be swerving in that coupe.” Then, Novyon closes out the track with a swift verse about popping out for a night of dancing, which coincidentally could be a great use for this song.


“Lies” is an eerie Topper Atwood production that features Minnesota native, Reeves Junya and Tennessee spitter Eddy Niz.

The theme of this laid-back trap song is actually quite savage. The hook includes a serious question to haters through the lines, “They say I’m rude, call me cocky, call me fake/What I tell you about lying on my name?”

New Dizzy Fae

This last one is a big deal for Dizzy Fae fans. Her SoundCloud page only has one other original upload, her debut track “Color Me Bad.”

Recently, she doubled her uploads with a funky bop called “Johnny Bravo,” which was produced collaboratively by The Stand4rd’s Psymun and sen 09. 

Similar to another The Stand4rd member, Corbin (f.k.a Spooky Black), Dizzy and her infectious, standout voice hit the ground running at only 17-years-old. Since her 2015 debut, she’s opened up for Lizzo on tour and guest performed for national acts, including The Internet, Kehlani and Mick Jenkins, on local stages.

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