If you’re feeling “Happy,” it might be because of the announcement that a musical based on the the Virginia childhood of musician/producer/hat enthusiast Pharrell is on the way.

Pharrell is no stranger to making music magic on the silver screen. Critically acclaimed for his Hidden Figures score, handsomely paid for his inescapable music from the Despicable Me franchise, and one of the few composers to create music for both Superman and Spider-Man movies, his musical gifts have quite the cinematic range.

It is because of these multifaceted elements, we know that this musical (currently titled Atlantis) should strike a few different emotional chords. Here’s some moments from Pharrell’s life we hope it contains.

A Boy and his Pans – Pharrell has credited his grandma as the first to recognize the C-student’s musical ability. As a youngster, he would empty all the pans out of the kitchen and start drumming. That’s the type of visual we really need to see, and given Pharrell doesn’t age, we assume he looks exactly the same.

Finding that Skateboard – While Pharrell has been affectionally referred to as Skateboard P for a few years now, it’s actually a moniker he earned during his school days in Virginia Beach. Not much is known about what got him into grinding sick ollies into a kick flip, so perhaps a scene awakening this passion could clear things up.

Discovering Carl Sagan – As we saw in Pharrell’s legendary Nardwuar interview, Pharrell described the work of astronomer Carl Sagan as being as important to him as A Tribe Called Quest was to him musically. The young moment of Pharrell discovering the majesty of the planets might explain a lot.

Meeting Clipse – OK, this probably happened well after the events that inspired the movie takes place, but we would love to see lil’ Malice and Pusha T appear here, Muppet Babies style.

5) Giving “Rump Shaker” to Teddy Riley – Oh, you didn’t know the Neptunes made this? Seems like this would be a great place for the film to end, with a full 80-part orchestral rendition of the Wreckx-N-Effectz classic.

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