Happy World Lion Day!

Unless you go to the zoo, Africa or India today you most likely won’t spot one.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of music videos from Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift for your big cat viewing and listening pleasure. 

“Wildest Dreams”

Speaking of Taylor Swift, her “Wildest Dreams” visual includes a lion who looks scarily like Cecil the Lion, who was controversially killed by a hunter in 2015. 

The old Hollywood-inspired video features a range of other wild animals, including elephants, giraffes and zebras. But, Swift doesn’t get nearly as close to any of the other animals, besides the dark-maned king of the jungle.

Whether the lion is Cecil or not, Taylor takes a subtle stance against killing wildlife. In fact, the end of the video includes a message that all the proceeds from it will be donated to the African Parks Foundation of America to help conserve wildlife.

“Run the World (Girls)”

Another dark-maned beaut makes a cameo in Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” video. 

Before Queen B rocks out with impeccable choreography and flashy gowns in the middle of the desert, she stands proudly with her girl posse plus a lion around the 30-second mark. 

“Black or White”

This next visual is not only a major throwback, but also a record-breaking, full-length short film. Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video begins with a a young Macaulay Culkin causing ruckus past his bedtime. 

However, when the scene changes, we are transported to the African plains and greeted by a whole lion family, mom, dad and baby included. 

The pop legend casually air guitars, dances and sings his way through places like Africa, Russia and New York City to spread the song’s theme of people uniting despite coming from different backgrounds.

“Island In the Sun”

In Weezer’s visual for their breezy, classic hit “Island In the Sun,” the band gets to hang out out with lots of baby animals. Baby lions, puppies, cubs and kitties all pounce around the sunny set.

One watch of this video and the song will not only make you long for a tropical getaway when you hear it, but you’ll most likely be reminded of the adorable baby animals that are highlighted.

“I’m So Grateful”

Adorable is exactly what defines this last visual. In the video made to match the intro song to DJ Khalid’s latest album Grateful, a lion is the first image presented.

DJ Khaled echoes Sizzlas’s lyrics about his gratitude for the blessings of life by displaying his affection for his baby son, Asahd. And now we have come full circle, as Asahd is the Arabic word for lion. 

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