There’s a near-constant stream of quality music coming from the Minnesota rap scene, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pick a few highlights from the past week in new releases and videos. Here are 5 that are definitely worth your time.

Mac Irv – “Intro”

“No matter what the circumstance, no matter what the score looks like, we don’t ever give up,” says Coach McKenzie as the intro to Mac Irv’s upcoming Misfit:55411 (set for release on January 13, 2017) draws to a close. A powerful mantra from the rapper’s father and former basketball coach, the words are impactful in the context of Mac Irv’s rising fame as a performing artist, as he continues to pursue music after moving on from a basketball career after hip surgery in 2011. “Now I recognize cuz I can see it through a parent’s eyes,” he raps. “No time to compromise, I modify my grind.”

P.O.S – “Lanes”

Doomtree’s starkly innovative and uncompromising P.O.S has been slowly building anticipation for his new project for some time, and yesterday he revealed the title (Chill, dummy) along with a pre-order and the new single “Lanes.” Following a path of festival-caliber hybridized anthemic rap, his latest work continues to reveal myriad points of sonic influence and a defiant declaration of self-determination. Among the most adventurous and innovative rappers going, this addition to his legacy stands to be a particularly profound artistic statement.

O-D – “A Vibe Called…”

Producer O-D has a pretty stacked line-up at Public Functionary this Friday to celebrate his latest instrumental album, Lost Time Found Space. The show will include beat sets from Katrah-Quey, Gmo, and himself, and a performance from the Energy Dance Collective, who feature in O-D’s new music video, which will also see release that night. O-D’s production on his new record finds unique grooves among trap and house skeletons by subverting tempos and immersing beats in luscious, and synthesized layers.

Erin Thelosttribe – “Classy Glassy Eyed Girl”

Erin Thelosttribe’s reverberated voice finds a floating pocket across ambient, soul, and jazz textures, complementing the stuttering rhythmic complexity of MMYYKK’s stellar production work. In tandem with his remix of su na and DUVV’s “Worry,” ZULUZULUU producer MMYYKK proves a deftness with distinctive vocalists, and makes yet another contribution to his incredible year in music releases.

Connor Marques – “Drank Freestyle” 

Connor Marques of V.I.C.E.BOYS evokes the early days of drill with “Drank Freestyle,” taking cues from the aesthetic innovations Chicago’s underground renaissance brought to aggressive rap and low-budget video in his latest visual directed by NatePTGod. Hitting a stride when the tempered snarl finds the hooky bounce of the breathy, repeated rhythm, Marques follows the beat’s dark piano plinks to an abrupt end as superimposed MS-Paint trails add extra menace to the claustrophobic footage.

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