There’s a near-constant stream of quality music coming from the Minnesota rap scene.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to pick a few highlights from the past week in new releases and videos.

Here’s new stuff from Psymun, Moodie Black, RP Hooks, Dwynell Roland, and Big WiZ.

Psymun – “I Need My Boy”

The stellar “I Need My Boy” feels like an instrumental journey, weaving through Psymun’s unrestrained amalgam of influences. A blaring, distorted introduction eventually gives way to percussive and joyous cheering samples, and then back to a noise-influenced sonic palette. The song is a profound glimpse of the producer’s new album Rainbow Party (due out May 5), and an indication that it stands to be an adventurous work.

Moodie Black – “Tuesday”

As their latest single “Tuesday” (off Lucas Acid out on Fake Four this May) proves, Moodie Black clashes sharply with the bulk of what’s under the hip-hop umbrella. The band’s recent return to Minneapolis marks a new beginning to the group’s hard-won presence as noise-rap pioneers. They’ve revealed new sides to themselves and showcase more vulnerability. “Tuesday” is a buzzing trudge of a track, swamped with stretched vocal loops and no wave guitar lines. Utilizing similar glitch aesthetics and dimly-lit menace as their video for “VANOWEN,” the visual finds vocalist K. standing mostly motionless as the framing that surrounds them distorts, shifts, and casts a disordered reflection of identity.

RP Hooks – Deep In The Woods

RP Hooks’ latest project, the cavernous Deep In the Woods he produced under the name Savage Randy, is a stark, eerie listen. It finds the center between the demonic gothic vibe of early Three 6 Mafia and the slick minimalism of modern trap. Twisting his deep-voiced flow over spare and foreboding beats, he makes subtle changes in inflection and tenor to add weight to topics that flit between loyalty, the grind, and illicit subtstances as a money-maker and motivator.

Dwynell Roland – “EVA CHANGE”

Dwynell Roland is literally beside himself in his latest video for “EVA CHANGE,” a highlight from his The Popular Nobody project from last year. Over a low-key beat from Last Word, Roland raps about staying true to himself while projecting both the contemplative mood and active engagement his music reflects.. Fresh off touring with P.O.S and gearing up for his first headlining show in April, he’s on the road to becoming a breakout artist, and this song finds him reflecting on both how he got there and where he’s going.

Big WiZ – “Airmax Musik” (Listen)

Big WiZ goes in about Nike’s signature line over a propulsive Tek beat. A tribute to the Long Doe rapper’s shoe of choice since his teen years, he references his many exclusives and an array of plugs that keep him laced properly. WiZ’s one-off single (with a timely release on Air Max Day) is a fun boast that’s sure to appeal to sneakerheads.

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