The relationship between The Fast and the Furious franchise and its music has, all things considered, been somewhat understated.

Despite existing through the decline of physical media and “Music From and Inspired By…” soundtracks, it’s truly the last franchise to really connect with audiences consistently with the original music angle. DJ Bonics, Dana and myself will take a look back at the music from each of the Fast and Furious films tonight at 12 a.m. CST.

But before then, throughout the series, the day’s hottest hip-hop artists have popped up on-screen as well. Here, in order, are the Fast and Furious acting rappers.

Ja Rule
Furious Films: 1
When Ja Rule was one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers in the game, he was probably the most known star at The Fast and the Furious‘ time of release. While he didn’t return for any of the sequels, his combo acting as a racer who enjoyed listening to Ja Rule’s songs from the soundtrack helped set the tone for other rappers to follow.

Furious Films: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8
The rapper most tied to the series has been Ludacris. In addition to making “2 FAST! 2 FURIOUS!” a battlecry, Luda’s endearing turn in the film’s sequel helped kickoff his film career outside of the franchise as well.

Furious Films: 2
Jin’s relationship to the Furious franchise is an interesting one. While the former Ruff Ryder was only onscreen in the second installment, he was brought back to appear on the soundtrack of Fast & Furious 6.

Bow Wow
Furious Films: 3, 7
While technically only appearing in Furious 7 in uncredited archive footage, Little Shad “Bow Wow” Moss was the western hip-hop anchor of the third film, Tokyo Drift. While he didn’t supply a song to the film, he did bring the “Bow” and the “Wow.” And he made the cars look big.

Iggy Azelea
Furious Films: 7
During that moment when Iggy was the biggest thing in the world, this happened. She also had a song on the soundtrack. She’s not in the new one.

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