The live Migos experience is not to be taken lightly. On the strength of Culture, one of the year’s biggest rap albums, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset are hitting stages with a fervor in 2017.

The Atlanta-based hip-hop crew bring flow, fashion and a ton of hits to this week’s show at Myth.

Here are five reasons why seeing them live is a must.

They make impeccable fashion choices

The breakout hit “Versace” proved they had fashion on the brain. From there on out, they’ve been stunting as individuals and as a collective when it comes to fashion choices. The live experience is an opportunity to see their amalgamation of styles up close. They rock a lot of plaid, band tees and ripped jeans, but then accent with copious amounts of Gucci, some fur coats, and designer bags. Their upcoming concert will be a music showcase, but also a fashion show.

Crowd control

What the level above “lit” called? The above clip is ironclad proof of the energy Migos bring to their live shows. The crew’s bouncy intensity got a crowd in Lagos, Nigeria, shouting along with chart-topping single “Bad and Boujee” like life depended on it. Offset, Quavo and Takeoff divide and conquer each portion of the crowd, and participation is carried through every corner of the venue.

Migos flow in the flesh

Takeoff described it best when he told Fader, “I switch it up. I can go slow, I can go medium, I can go fast. They love the fast, the triplet, the stuttering flow. We all have different voices and ways that we come in and out of the song.” Their infectious sound is also categorized by ad-libs, or the fun echoes, phrases and sounds that the rappers use to fill free spaces in their tracks. A web designer and musician took it upon themselves to create a website that flashes every ad-lib as Culture plays. Another strength in their sound, is their versatility. They are able to translate their recorded songs to exciting live performances and collaborate on smooth freestyles that almost sound rehearsed.

The brilliance of “T-Shirt”

When the trio hit The Tonight Show stage last month, they showed a whole new caliber of performance that would be a shame to miss. They brought elements of their visual for the catchy “T-Shirt,” including pastel fur coats and artificial snow throughout the whole performance. However the main attraction was the auto-tune microphones that made their onstage rendition sound pretty darn close to the studio version.

Safe zone for dabbing

Trendy dances cycle in and out and you either love them or hate them. From “Look at My Dab” and “Dab Daddy” to the recent “Dab of Ranch” phenomenon, it’s safe to say that these Atlanta rappers have popularized dab-related dance moves. As the dab originators, the Migos will most likely create a space that is safe for hitting the dab all night. If you need some “dab-spiration,” then the accidental music video above might do just the trick.

Migos perform at Myth on Tuesday, April 18. Tickets

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