This Sunday is Go Snow Show ’17, where Myth Live will see Run the Jewels turn all of Maplewood into a the epicenter of the most chaotic Christmas ever. 

While Run the Jewels as an entity have only three official projects out, fans should realize that hip-hop veterans like RTJ’s El-P and Killer Mike are prolific enough to have left a few gems outside their discography.

Fortunately, I’ve assembled the best of the best for you to slide together into a quick playlist, so you have the entire Run the Jewels discography at your fingertips. Here’s some non-album Jewels that you may have missed. 

Killer Mike featuring Emily Panic – “Anywhere But Here

When Mike was first paired with El-P by a mastermind adult swim executive, their chemistry was potent from the get-go. It resulted in El-P producing the entirety of Mike’s R.A.P. Music album in 2012. Perhaps the most potent track is the synergy of their dystopian world views heard in “Anywhere but Here,” which features El’s real life now-fianceé Emily Panic.

Run the Jewels – “Rubble Kings (Dynamite on the Street)

From the soundtrack to the Mass Appeal-produced documentary Rubble Kings, RtJ came through with their first soundtrack-exclusive cut for the film’s title track. Boasting a Warriors-themed video, “Rubble Kings” emphasizes how RTJ’s pulse-pounding urgency translates into marketing gold.

Run the Jewels -“Panther Like a Panther (original version)

As adored and universally acclaimed that the duo’s third album RTJ3 was, the only complaint some fans had about the 2016 release was that the snippet originally previewed of “Panther Like a Panther” was, albeit dope, notably different than the album version. Not one to disappoint fans, Mike and El released the original version as a stand-alone track, and there was much rejoicing.

Danger Mouse featuring Run the Jewels and Big Boi – “Chase Me

One year after the biggest hit of their careers assisting DJ Shadow on “Nobody Speak,” El and Mike ventured again into the world of celebrated outside producers. Joining Danger Mouse (as well as Mike’s longtime collaborator Big Boi) for “Chase Me,” the track and video added a heightened sense of urgency to last summer’s hit film Baby Driver.

Run the Jewels – “Mean Demeanor

While El has always had a healthy skepticism of technology, thanks to being an admitted Philip K. Dick obsessive, he and Mike have always had a love of video games. In addition to premiering their tracks and even appearing in games like Gears of War 4, this year the duo gave an original track, “Mean Demeanor,” to the hotly-anticipated new game FIFA 18.

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