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You know a rap beef is official when 50 Cent offers his take on it.

Longtime Eminem-associate and master of on-record rap conflicts in his own right – 50 Cent offers his thoughts on Mr. Mathers’ recent YouTube record and what’s become one of the decade’s most talked about rap beefs with MGK.

Yesterday YouTube broke the news that Eminem’s “Killshot” was the biggest debut of a hip-hop song in YouTube history. Let’s talk about it – that’s every rap song since summer 2005 that Slim Shady stunted on.

A businessman as much as he is a musician and wartime general, 50 weighed in on Instagram stating {all sic everything}:

Man do you see this {deleted explicit},Think about it the Biggest hip hop song on you tube 馃えnow everybody gotta take a L because of MGK馃槧what the {deleted explicit}, we didn鈥檛 have anything to do with this {deleted explicit} Damn 馃槨, how many times yal was playing that {deleted explicit}. 馃槫LOL get the strap

It’s an interesting take for a number of reasons. While, yes, he ends it with “LOL” so there is the element of 50 just being hilarious on Instagram, the idea of everybody taking an “L” “because” of MGK is a provocative one. While Em did swing first by dissing MGK several times (27 to be exact, whereas frequent foe Donald Trump was only dissed in 11 instances) on his latest album Kamikaze, it was MGK’s response that triggered/inspired “Killshot,” and somehow this is the fault of MGK and not the person who made the song.

Additionally, is it in any way an “L” for the top YouTube hip-hop song to be a diss record? Would we be blaming MC Shan, Nas or Nicki Minaj if “South Bronx,” “Takeover” or “Shether” were in the top spot, or would we be rightly celebrating them as incredible instant-classic records? When 50 Cent’s own 2003 album Get Rich or Die Trying had the biggest debut week of any debut album that decade, did anyone say “everybody gotta take an L because of Ja Rule?”

We’ll see if this translates to 50 recording a diss record and taking Em’s title, or if Em is going to diss 50 now because – hey – it’s 2018, anything can happen!

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