Few guests can hijack a talk show and make it their own quite like Action Bronson. Not unlike Norm Macdonald with Conan O’Brien, Bronson has quickly become a favorite guest of Late Night with Seth Meyers, appearing what feels like monthly, and each time it’s been spiraling more and more out of control. 

This week, Bronson brought pizza from a local Queens spot he enjoys who invented a Baked Ziti pizza. Recreating the Queens pizza-place experience as closely as possible, Bronson goes full-Bronson letting the four-letter words fly between celebrating the finer elements of New York’s culture.

Bronson also discusses his new dating show Hungry Hearts, his new book of food, and throws down the gauntlet as he tells Seth to his face that he’s entering the late night talk show game. You haven’t seen a segment quite like this in a while.

Action Bronson’s Blue Chips 7000 is in stores now. Bronson plays the Music Hall on November 8.

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