2018 is wild, and 2019 looks to be even wilder.

Music and wrestling fans have come to love F1rst Wrestling‘s biannual Wrestlepalooza event, the First Avenue-hosted showdowns of live music, wrestling and burlesque. Previous shows have seen the wrestling debuts of Rhymesayers/Stophouse‘s Prof and Doomtree‘s Mike Mictlan, but the first weekend of 2018 will see quite the bizarre in-ring action as the halls of Purple Rain will witness veteran Hollywood actor David Arquette facing indy-wrestling icon Colt Cabana.

Yes, the star of Scream, Never Been Kissed and Ready to Rumble is going to go one-on-one with Chicago-born Minnesota favorite Cabana – the wrestler who epitomizes the D.I.Y. spirit having forged a path of major independent success without the backing of a single major wrestling company, which has seen him build an empire including launching wrestling’s first podcast, his own documentaries and roles in NBC‘s Chicago PD and IFC‘s Maron.

…and they are going to fight at First Avenue.

They’ve already began a major back-and-forth across social media, already making the main event of F1rst Wrestling’s Wrestlepalooza weekend is the first can’t-miss event of the year.

Also performing Sunday night is Dillinger Four. Saturday night will feature Dimitry Killstorm, Metasota, Haphduzn and DJ Snuggles.


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