Ben Colen

For over two decades, Aesop Rock‘s been one of hip-hop’s greatest songwriters, even when he’s discarding all standard song-writing structures. His surprise new Rhymesayers single “Klutz” goes back to that classic syllable-stacking wordplay-ing-to-win underground Aes, turning phrases and turning heads.

Dropping alongside a visually stimulating Rob Shaw-directed video, we get Aes’ charismatic performance and penchant for alluring-but-foreboding colors to really cement the lyrics into our cerebellum. You may recognize Shaw’s name from his previous Aesop Rock collaborations like “Dorks” and “Shrunk,” or from At The Drive In‘s “Hostage Stamps.”

Right now it appears “Klutz” is going to exist solely as a 7″ single with a Steve Espo Powers‘ created cover art and very cool corresponding t-shirt available here.


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