The announcement of a new Aesop Rock video usually arrives with the intrigue of mind-bending visuals that permanently imprint themselves in fans’ brains. While Aes’ brand new “Lotta Years” video has those qualities, this time the resonating elements stem from what’s haunted Aes in his day-to day. That’s right, “Lotta Years” is a straight-forward visualization of the lyrics in perhaps Aes’ most conventional lyric-and-video treatment, and we’re all the better for it.

Directed by Rob Shaw (Aesop Rock’s “Rings,” They Might Be Giants’ “I’m Impressed”), what also stands out about the video is how Aesop’s vocals are performed live. It’s really him spitting in the moment at the coffee and juice shops, allowing not just a refreshing take on the verses we’ve broke our rewind-button replaying, but also giving the full presentation an everything’s-connected feel.

Aesop Rock’s currently embarking on the Hey Kirby Tour (named after his cat) with Rob Sonic, DJ Zone and Homeboy Sandman.

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