Things got tense in 2016, but it’s important to remember what we all have in common. Namely, how much we all loved Aloe Blacc and Zedd’s “Candyman” collaboration, which doubles as an M&M’S ad.

We’re a nation of M&M’S eaters. Whether we identify more with Red’s cynicism or Yellow’s optimism, whether deep down we’re a little crispy or salty, whether we’re more comfortable with a bowl or individually wrapped pack, there’s something about M&M’S that has kept the candy melting in our mouths, but not in our hands for 75 years.

For the candy’s diamond anniversary, the retrospective spot featuring Aloe Blacc resurrecting the “Candyman” jingle hits all the right nostalgia buttons for us.

This is nostalgia at its most fulfilling, a refreshing reminder of memories once burrowed so deep in our conscious, brought back to the surface with Aloe’s arrangement of a jingle that’s as comforting as it is inspiring for the future. No matter what happens in life, M&M’S will still be there, making the world taste good. They do exist.

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