Bob Moses at our Go Show at Fine Line last year. Photo by Braden Doucette

Hey there, Christy Taylor, here. Every week I become obsessed with a new song, and what’s better than sharing our mutual love of music?

This week’s featured obsession or Alternative CHRISTYosity is Bob Moses, “Back Down.” This is the type of song that you could hear on a loop for 20 minutes straight, and still want to hear it again. “Back Down” is haunting, sexy, and addictive.

There are so many reasons to love Bob Moses! From how they named their band after an architect, to how they linked up in a parking lot in Williamsburg, to how incredibly talented they are. Bob Moses, are self-defined “band” guys, who make electronic music. That musical background creates incredibly beautiful subtle nuances in their songs that you don’t often find in electronic music.

It probably doesn’t hurt  that front guy Jimmy Vallance’s father, Jim Vallance is a famous musician himself, who wrote songs for Bryan Adams, Kiss, and Aerosmith, just to name a few.  That was something I only discovered by chance during one of our first meetings, when he stopped to look at an old plaque hanging at the radio station.

To their credit this duo earned 2 Grammy nominations from their first album and won best remixed recording. After hearing “Back Down,” you’ll be convinced more Grammy’s are in their future.  xo – Christy Taylor

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