Shut Up and Rap, the brainchild of Auggie 5000 and Sophia Eris of the Go 95.3 Morning Show, has become a fixture for local artists to perform and compete each Thursday night.

Meet some of the SUAR Alumni that are doing big things — in the Twin Cities and Beyond.

FruitPunchLoverBoy —

FruitPunchLoverBoy is from Bloomington, Minnesota.  He has always liked writing and has always been very vulnerable with himself.  His sound sometimes feels like a combination of musical influences and is often inspired but unwilling to recycle old patterns he want to move forward and think different always.

Khari Flowz —

Khari Flowz has been writing lyrics and rapping since nine years old. She receives inspiration from artists like Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. With putting a lot of emotion in my music, it’s therapy when there is a need to vent and get things her chest. Khari says confidently that “music saved my life when I was at my lowest, that’s why I always put my soul into every song I record.”

Solo Star —

Solo Star is a lyricist that shares life experiences through cleverly formulated, relatable narratives.  Her rawness, vulnerability and vocabulary sets me apart from my peers.  She is respected for my transparency in my music and my ability to connect with my audiences on stage.

Apollo —

Apollo is a 20-year old musician born in Minnesota Twin Cities. He originally started freestyling to pass time on my long walks too and from home as a kid. Right around when he turned 18 “something clicked.” After he got sober he realized the true impact music can have on people and figured why not finally give his 110% to something that could be great, something more than himself? Since then Apollo has focused on creating an impact threw music of my own, with a goal too empower and enlighten listeners.

Jayso Creative —

“My name isn’t important. Everyone calls me Jayso but if you see it formally written it’s Jayso Creative.” Create your own world. Jayso Creative from Minneapolis and makes music that makes you want to laugh, cry, dance, and be yourself. She’s done a lot and hasn’t done enough but believes this year and every year she has left has an abundance of joy and wealth to offer.

FreeGod Sa’Vii —

“Wazzam World” — FreeGod Sa’Vii is from Monroe, Louisiana running Minnesota wild. My style is vibrant and through pure pressure I shine infinitely. Couldn’t wait for a deal so I signed myself to Carbonado Records.

Concrete Rose —

Eshia Taylor AKA Concrete Rose was born and raised in Chicago with Florida, Kentucky and Georgia musical influence. A OG by right — her style is Queen Latifah, Mia X, Mclyte, Lil Kim and Lady of Rage all in one. Listen to Pretty bitchez Tr$ppin by Bella Gia.

Check2Fresh —
Check2Fresh is a vibrant original song writer/ performer from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. In 2017 he debuted his talent with visuals and live performances. His music is fun and relatable.

Nur-D —

“Attention guys, gals, and non binary pals! My name is Nur-D and I am on a mission to be your 7th Favorite Rapper of all time.” Nur-D might be close because according to City Pages, and the votes of wonderful people all over the Twin Cities, he is one of the Top 5 Hip-Hop acts in the state. He is all about positivity, loving yourself, and making music that’s as honest as it is funky. Check out his music if you are looking to have some fun and hear a plethora of pop culture punchlines.

Kaleem the Dream —

Kaleem the Dream is from Saint Paul, MN. With a great passion for hip hop, he intends on furthering the legacy of the Minnesota hip hop scene. At 21 years old, he sees that he has done a lot but relative to my dreams — “I’ve still got a long way to go.” Represented by Titan Administration Records with the plan to reach new heights with the support of my family.

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