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Amazon has reportedly paid $25 million for the rights to the long-awaited Rihanna  documentary directed by Peter Berg.

Peter Berg’s vision of the documentary is said to provide an “unfiltered look” into Rihanna’s life, going beyond her music and diving into her role as a pop-culture icon, her perspective on life, and more. Berg goes on to describe the doc as much more of a “character study” than a music film.


Berg’s Film 45 company, who produced the documentary, described the film as follows:

Peter Berg’s bold and innovative Rihanna is an unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life, providing a glimpse into the evolution of one of the world’s most well-known pop artists. With unparalleled access into the singer’s life and over 1200 hours of footage, the doc takes us on a journey through private insights into Rihanna’s personality and humor, philosophies on work, family and love that are both moving and inspirational.

Coming soon.


While they have said “coming soon”, the project is yet to be titled or given an official release date. Hopefully this won’t be the only thing we get from Rihanna ‘coming soon’.

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