Aminé, the quirky “Caroline” rapper, has just dropped a banger to kick off the weekend.

His latest single “REDMERCEDES” is a bass-infused track about exactly what you think and comes a year after he dropped the infectious single “Caroline.” In the track, he goes into detail about keeping his whip clean, windows perfectly tinted, heavenly rims and a large trunk. On the other hand, the Portland artist raps about how he has no desire for Prada and no need for a stylist.

The under-three-minute song is packed full of references that could only come from Aminé, and has one of those beats that are hard not to move to.

Aminé posted a video promoting the track, where you can see his real-life energy and excitement has translated seamlessly into the song. He ends the clip by saying “go get the song, I don’t wanna to be broke.” You can support him though buying the track and seeing him live at Soundset.

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