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Good news, friends. We are two weeks away from the biggest party of the summer — #GoFest19.

Q: Am I an a-hole for only wanting to go to one of someone’s multiple “Birthday Week” dinners/happy hours/etc.? – Ben

I am not a fan of the whole “birthday week/month” thing. I don’t even really like celebrating my own birthday. Having people make a big deal about my birthday actually makes me kinda uncomfortable. But who am I to crap all over somebody for wanting to celebrate for a whole week? Let it rip. The world is kinda circling the drain right now. You can’t walk six feet without getting slapped in the face with more awful news. Let the party rage an entire week.

Ben totally has a point though. You are more than welcome to make the biggest weeklong spectacle of your birthday you want. Blow it out for all 168 hours…just don’t expect other people to run with you stride-for-stride. Don’t be expecting your entire crew to show up to every single brunch, happy hour, dinner, golf outing, pog tournament, etc. you have planned for your big day. Can’t be offended if somebody only opts to celebrate your birthday once or twice rather than for seven consecutive days.

Q: Graduating college and moving into my first place this summer that will allow me to have a gril…….do i go gas or charcoal? – Pete

I am not the handiest of dudes so I go gas grill every single time. Charcoal people swear by it as the better way to grill, and they are probably right, but I just don’t have the patience or skill set for something like that. I am totally impressed when I see my Charcoal Dude friends work their charcoal grill magic. Lighting the coals, knowing when they are ready, not giving into temptation like I would and dumping an entire bottle of lighter fluid just to see the big BOOM of fire. I am just not built for that kinda grilling. Turning the knobs and pushing a button is much more my speed when it comes to manning the grill on the deck.

Q: My bf has this weird theory that fast food tastes better in the summer and he always wants to hit drivethrus this time of year. Tell him he is weird. – Meg G.

But…I kinda agree with your boyfriend. Doesn’t everything taste, smell, look, feel better in the summer? Beers, burgers, bonfires…are all better in the summer.

Speaking of, you ever do that move where you hit the drive-thru in the summer then park in the lot and eat the food while sitting on the trunk of your car while music plays through your open windows? No…? Just me? OK, then. Moving on…

Q: I have been working on my hockey flow for a while, but I have to cut my hair to look professional for work. Hair cut is scheduled for July 6th so the 4th is my last chance to rock my long ‘do. I want to make it memorable. Should I go for the mullet or let the hockey hair fly for one last ride? Attached some pictures to give you an idea of a previous mullet vs the hockey hair today – Eric

Well the obvious advice here is to quit your job and find a new career that doesn’t discriminate against great flows, Eric. Scientists say we have like 20 years left on this rock. Not enough time left to work jobs that won’t let you have bitchin’ hair.

But that wasn’t an option in the question you posed so I am guessing that isn’t realistic. I say you gotta go big or go home. Let the big dog eat, Eric. Business in the front and party in the back. Make that mullet happen my man. You’ll be the star of whatever lake you tie some pontoons together at over the 4th. Nobody denies a man with a mullet a free cold one when they rock a ‘llet like that on America’s birthday.

Seriously though, quit your job.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody get out there and do your part to keep the dream alive this weekend.

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