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Holy crap, we did it. The longest 28 days are over. It is finally March. I know it may not seem like it since it is supposed to be cold as Hoth this weekend, but we are that much closer to spring.

Look at it like this…26 days until MLB opening day. 98 days until the Women’s World Cup. We can do this, team.

Q: Be honest……….you ever get frustrated trying to scan an item at the self-checkout and just toss it in yer bag? – Andre

Naw, I haven’t. But you obviously have, Andre. And I have alerted the authorities and they are coming to make you pay for the Kombucha you swiped from Target, pal!

Have you seen those cameras/monitors they have at the self-checkouts? Of course you have. You glance up, see yourself, and immediately regret every decision you have ever made in your entire life. Nothing ruins your day quite like seeing yourself in those camera monitors at the Target self-checkouts. It is by far the most unflattering thing ever, even worse than when you go to take a picture and your phone is in selfie-mode. I feel too much shame to attempt to steal anything at that point.

Another reason I don’t try to swipe something from the self-checks (besides the obvious moral reasons) is that I view it as a game. I act like I am in the Self-Checkout World Championships and try to go as fast as I can. I pride myself in typing in the produce codes super quickly without having to look them up. DON’T JUDGE ME. WE ALL HAVE OUR QUIRKS.

Q: What is the # of episodes should you give a show before giving up. My gf is making me watch this show on Netflix and keeps insisting it is going to get good but it just isn’t. – Kev

I have drastically changed my mind on this over the years. I used to grind out a show once I started it. I felt like it was a workout I HAD to finish even though I was miserable watching it. Do you know how many hours of my life I wasted watching those idiots in the Walking Dead sit around a farm while the sheriff with the somehow-always-perfect 5 o’clock shadow yelled at people? Good god. I refuse to live like that anymore. Never again.

Nowadays, I will punt on a TV show at the first sign of boredom or disinterest. There is SO much good stuff out there between cable/Netflix/Hulu/my collection of CKY DVDs that the amount of options is overwhelming. There is no need to waste time watching something that doesn’t immediately grab you. Move onto the next show. Now, I can already hear people saying, “But but but but Dana! It’s a SLOW BURN. You have to just get through the first 9 hours 34 minutes of it and then the last 26 minutes of the final episode  is FANTASTIC!” No, I don’t. I will watch something that I enjoy and not waste my time.

So I say don’t be held hostage by shows you don’t enjoy, even if it is the show du jour that everybody is talking about on social media. That show will pass and the next “omg you have to watch this” social media show will pop up in like 36 hours. I never watched that Sandra Bullock blindfold thing and I have survived just fine. Do you and watch what you dig.

Q: Settle a fight between a friend and me. Is Chick Fil A overrated? – Ashton

Every niche/regional chain food place has their superfans that totally oversell things. Doesn’t matter if it is In-N-Out, Tim Hortons, Chick-Fil-A, whatever. These disciples of the food places act like it is some cosmic life-changing food that will change your palet forever and bring tears of joy to your eyes when, in actuality, it’s just decent food prepared quickly for a low price.

So is the chicken place overrated? Depends on your perspective going into it. It is going to be a major letdown — just like anything would be — if you have that friend that does the whole “OMG YOU’VE NEVER HAD CHICK FIL A?! HOW ARE YOU EVEN STILL ALIVE?! YOU SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL! THIS CHICKEN IS SO GOOD YOU WILL BLEED OUT YOUR EYES AND EARS WITH JOY AND AMAZEMENT!” thing.

But if you are in a time crunch and are looking for a cheap chicken sandwich on the fly, then sure, you will be totally happy and content, maybe even pleasantly surprised.

Oh, and as long as we are on the topic, their fries are garbage. Crinkle cut fries > waffle fries.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! We made it through the worst February ever. We’ve turned the calendar and are that much closer to spring. Let’s all get out there and keep the dream alive this weekend.

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