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Q: Do you realistically think the Vikings can win the Superbowl this year? – Erik

Sure! Why not us? Why not now?

I mean, eventually this franchise has to be able to string together the four straight wins necessary to win a Super Bowl and not screw things up in hilariously soul-crushing fashion, right?

The way things look now, the Vikings will face the Packers in two straight games. One for the NFC North and the other to advance in the playoffs. That sounds terrifying! But we made it work in 2004 under similar circumstances. The Vikings lost to the Packers in Week 16 and then beat them two weeks later when Lambeau Field was forever renamed Dante’s House (copyright @RandballsStu).

Vegas currently has them at 50:1 to win the big game and 25:1 just to get there. Those are better odds than I ever thought we’ve had, so you never know. Maybe this will be the year Minnesotans finally get repaid for keeping the faith after countless kicks to the crotch from the sports universe.

Q: Nog, yea or nay? – Tim

I have honestly never nogged! Actually, now that i think about it, I am not even positive what exactly egg nog is.

OK. Just looked. I guess that doesn’t sound awful? Nobody my age really drinks it so I am never offered it at any parties or anything, and lord knows I would never buy any on my own. I am gonna try to have some over the next two weeks.

Q: TNT shows 24 hours of A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, how many times is too many to watch it? How many is not enough? – Bob

I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched it all the way through, I just like having it on the background all day. It’s just kinda comforting to have on while you’re eating food and putting Legos together. So I say watching it anymore than once all the way through is too much, but not at least having it on in the background is not enough.

Q: Out of the (gifts in the) 12 Days of Christmas, which is the lamest? Which is the coolest? – Perk

My first thought was take the five golden rings and pawn them on December 26th for cash. But then I did some research and found out the seven swans-a-swimming are much more valuable, coming in at around $13,125. You might have a hard time selling them though. I don’t know too many people working the swans-a-swimming black market circuit.

Tough to pick a worst gift on this list. None of them have much practical use. Especially the 12 drummers drumming. I would just ask them to put down their drums and play a game of pickup football with me.

Q: Has this been the worst season you’ve ever had as a Chelsea fan? – Ryan

Definitely the worst first half of a season in the decade I have been supporting them. Three points above the drop zone at Christmas is less than ideal. As is firing your legendary manager a few months after sprinting away with the title.

But….BUT… we are still in the running for two cups! We all remember how Chelsea did in Champions League the last time they didn’t finish in the top four. And, honestly, they are only 11 points back of fourth place right now. That isn’t insurmountable. Definitely unlikely, but nobody at the top of the table is exactly lighting the world on fire right now either.

It has been quite the last 10 years for Chelsea fans. I had a feeling a clunker was coming. I just didn’t think it would be this clunky. Things will be OK.

Q: What are some things I can do with my winter break between semesters so I don’t end up just wasting it by watching Netflix and drinking beer? – Jason

Whoa, whoa. What is wrong with Netflix and beer? Sounds like you’re already living like a king, my man.

Winter break in college is quite possibly the greatest thing on earth. A month with absolutely nothing to do. You don’t get that in the real world so I am impressed with your foresight to cherish it as much as you can.

I say set up some type of road trip. Can be as simple as going to visit some buddies in a nearby college. Just do something to get off campus a bit and explore. Set up a roadie and really have some fun with it. Maybe you don’t have a destination in mind. Just start driving and use social media to poll where you head next. Unless you plan on being a teacher or a professional athlete, there really isn’t going to be another time in your life where you have nowhere to be for a month. Take advantage.

Netflix will always be there. The open road is calling, Jason.

Q: Why are Christmas tree Reese’s better than regular Reese’s? – Zach

I think it is because they are so much thicker. The tree or the Easter egg ends up like being double the height of a regular cup and therefore double the awesomeness. If you want to replicate these year round just stack the two regular cups on top of each other and dig in.

Q: If you could only have one physical item from the Star Wars universe what would it be? – Pete

The Millennium Falcon. No question. I’d be the coolest guy on earth. Cruising the world and exploring other galaxies in the Falcon? That would be incredible. Sure, parking would be tough, and the FAA might not be thrilled with me, but good luck catching me once I toss ‘er into lightspeed.

A lightsaber briefly crossed my mind as another but I don’t know what I’d do with it. Do we have conceal and carry laws for lightsabers in this country? Plus, knowing me, I’d accidentally flick it on while it was holstered slice my own legs off.

A drone like BB-8 might be pretty cool too, but that would require me becoming fluent in drone language and I just don’t know if I have that kind of time.

Q: I saw a story that says the temperatures are going to remain balmy well into March. What will us Minnesotans do without small talk conversations about snow? – Mel

Wow. I never thought about this. Maybe our heads will just explode all over elevators and bathroom sinks without our favorite go-to small talk conversation.

“Sounds like we’re supposed to get a couple inches this weekend.”

“Yep. Heard that too. Might need to get the blower out.”

But I am guessing we will just talk about how warm it is. We’re versatile people here in Minnesota.

“Can you believe this Mel? Took the dog out last night in gym shorts. On January 19th! You kiddin’?”

“Man, sure is something.”

Q: Are you going to play Party Rock Anthem at your reception? – Mike

More than once, brother. PRA is a timeless party anthem that will be used to turn up the volume during social gatherings for long after you and I have left this earth.

Q: Knowing you’re a Survivor fan, why not a Survivor season in the Lake of the Woods in February? Is it the lack of skin? – Jeremy

Yeah, you’re onto something with the lack of skin. People tend to like looking at people in bathing suits more than looking at people in snowsuits.

But also, and probably more importantly, it would just be really boring. Rather than swimming and exploring, people would just sit huddled together all day long trying to stay warm. Doesn’t sound like a very fun show.

Plus, you know Probst likes to show off the guns with those short sleeved blue button ups.

Q: This is my first New Years that I am 21. What is the better New Years play? Go to a bar that has all you can drink or avoid amateur hour and go to a house party? – Pat

I’ve long thought the best New Year’s Eve move is to have a house party with all your friends. It’s safer, cheaper, and usually a lot more fun. Rather than spending the night in a packed bar just spend the final day of the year with the people that matter most to you.

You can also just look at it from a purely economical standpoint. If you and 14 of your friends all go to a bar that charges $100 you’ll be spending $1,400 total before you even tip a bartender* or get hosed on Uber surge prices on your way home. You can pool money and spend half, or even a quarter of that and have a real bitcin’ house party.

*Yes, you need to tip your bartender in these situations. Just because it’s all-you-can-drink doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Tip ‘em.

But you’re 21, I totally get why you’d want to go check out the bar scene. It’s still fresh and new to you. I certainly did it plenty of times when I was in college. There are plenty of bars that don’t have the cover charges. Be on the lookout for those if the $100 seems steep to you and your friends.

Q: Which of Kevin’s booby traps in Home Alone would you least want to happen to you? – Brittany

Great question. I found this convenient list of stuff Kevin did in both one and two. There have been tons of studies done that show just how much of a psychotic this 8-year old actually was in the movie. The Wet Bandits would both be dead multiple times over.

The one that immediately came to mind was the electrocution in the second movie. Marv gets zapped so bad that you see his skull. Pretty sure nobody is coming back from that.

On a purely cosmetic level, I wouldn’t want my head to start on fire like Harry’s in the original Home Alone. I have been growing my hair out for over a year and would be really pissed if an 8-year old decided to take a blowtorch to it. What waste, right?

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Everybody pour a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the holiday weekend! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to read and listen to our station. Ill be back with one more of these next week to put a bow on 2015 as we head into the new year.

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