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Q: How much do you miss me? Why did I faint on Friday? Did I gain any special powers as a result?? Jordan

Oh, Jordan. My sweet, sweet Jordan. In case you missed it, our Nigh Show guy at Go 96.3 and the heart and soul of the #GoFam had a whoopsie-doos last weekend…

#GoFam we have some good news & some bad news to share! Our dude @tornadojally is going to be out for the at least the nxt 2wks. Per DRs orders he needs to rest up & get better! @ZeeMickCee is going to hold down #TheNightShow (w/ #TheLinkUp postposed) GET WELL SOON JORDAN!

— Go 96.3 (@Go963MN) July 16, 2018

Jordan! We miss you oh so dearly. You know the entire front area when you walk into the station? We made a huge mural of you made up of thousands of tiny pictures of you. Things just aren’t the same around here. Get well soon. Let me know when the doctor gives you clearance for visitors/video games.

As far as why you fainted, my only guess is that maybe it happened from being TOO awesome? Has to be it. Also, I am not sure what other superpowers you could possibly need. You are already in the top percentile of Crash Bandicoot players in the world, your ’90s sports fashion sense is unparalleled, and you are the brainchild behind The Link Up — one of the coolest radio bits ever. ‘Supes and ‘Bats got nothing on you, son. Get well soon. We need you!

Q: Were you joking about wanting to wear male skirts – Jess

No! We talked about this last week on the show. There is a local guy named Joe who designs and markets skirts for men. I am totally on board with this. These are loose-fitting skirts with pockets that look wonderful.

I first wore a skirt when I dressed up as Rowdy Roddy Piper for Halloween. For those unfamiliar, Rowdy was a WWE wrestler who would come to the ring wearing a kilt. I found a great kilt online and wow, let me tell ya, what a freeing feeling it is! Nice and breezy, baby. I am all for this trend taking off and will do whatever I can to help spearhead things. Gender norms are dumb.

Q: Every 2 years, I get sucked in by Euro or the World Cup. I love soccer, but don’t have a club team. Who should I support? For reference, I tend to root for good teams who tend to blow it in big games and break my heart. – Sam

This is a common question after a major tournament and I always have the same answer. Don’t “pick” a team. Let a team pick you. Watch a bunch of matches, go to soccer pubs, watch the clubs with players you enjoyed watching in the World Cup. No need to rush into anything. You’ll eventually fall in love with a club and it will feel right.

The worst thing you can do is to just latch onto a team because your buddy likes them or because some guy on the internet told you too. There is a good chance you will end up regretting it and won’t really feel attached to the team.

So I suggest watching a bunch of matches. You can find me at Brits most weekends watching the Premier League. Hit me up, l will introduce you around to the rest of the regulars.

Q: The big trend in movies right now is reboots and remakes. What will be next trend we see nonstop in Hollywood? – Connor

Rebooting remakes and remaking reboots.

Q: My building doesn’t let me have a dog so I like to go to the dog park to meet dogs. My friends tell me I am weird. You don’t think I am weird do you? Alyssa

Oh, hell no. Have you seen how often people put their dogs on social media? They LOVE showing their dogs off and having people fawn over them. Hell, some people even have social media accounts dedicated to their dogs. That isn’t a knock on dog accounts, I actually like them, especially my friend Peter the goldendoodle!

I think the only thing you have to be careful about is asking if you can meet a good dog before you start petting it and introducing yourself. I don’t own a dog yet, but that seems like it is the standard dog etiquette. Maybe dog owners can tell me if I am totally off base on this, but I don’t see any issue of soloing a dog part to meet all the good boys and girls. Dogs are therapeutic. We all need some extra puppy kisses in 2018.

Q: Could you give me an idea when people are going to STOP replying to clever tweets with “you Won the Internet today!!!” so I can turn my computer back on, thank you. – Darbracer

That one is pretty annoying. Getting everybody to stop doing it would take too much work though, so I say we just start actually keeping score. People have told me I have “won the internet today” with a few tweets. Where am I on the leaderboard? Is there prize money involved here?

Another annoying phrase is when people say “SHUT IT DOWN. THERE WON’T BE A BETTER TWEET TODAY!” With this one, can we actually do it? Can we actually just shut down Twitter for the day after somebody has a tweet like that? I feel like everybody’s mental health would improve greatly if we did just occasionally shut ‘er down mid afternoon and we all went outside for a walk or something. I am obviously not ripping on the Twitter-obsessed because I am clearly one of the bigger junkies out there. I am just saying I think all of us would do ourselves a lot of good if we could just turn it off for a few hours a day.

Q: Just bought a NES Classic. Does the Nintendo King have any tips, tricks, etc. on how to fully engulf myself in the NES Classic joyfulness? – Collin

Well, my first suggestion would be to hack that badboy to add some more games. It is possible to add every NES game ever. My recommendation? Don’t add all 714 games. For as great as the NES was, there was a lot of really, really bad games. For every Zelda and Metroid there is Barbie and Where’s Waldo. Scrolling through all those games is a pain in the ass. Keep it to a lean and mean hundo of the best games.

You also need to get a second controller. Relive the sleepovers of your youth by teaming up with some buddies on some Contra or playing a heated Ice Hockey match….except this time with beer.

Lastly, I suggest pinpointing a game you played as a kid that you could never beat. Challenge yourself to finally take down that final boss. Make your 10-year old self proud. If you get stuck, remember that unlike in 1992, you can always find out how to beat it on YouTube.

Q: I’m in Thailand, surrounded by people from Europe, and constantly asked two things: Thoughts on the state of US football (soccer) after World Cup, and what I think of Trump…please advise. – Ryan

Just tell everybody you are from Canada.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody have a great weekend. I am off all next week so Ask Wessel will be on a brief hiatus, but keep the questions coming.

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