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Well hello there, friends. We are stoked that GoFest is just ONE WEEK AWAY. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, the hell are you waiting for? We want to party with you on Friday the 29th at Cabooze Outdoor Plaza. Sunshine, music, beers, bonding. Will be a great night.

Q: I am so mad I missed my opportunity to meet Hot Tish!!!!!!! Will she ever be making a return appearance? – Mandy

That was so much fun. If you missed it, I got all dressed up in drag at the Union Rooftop Drag Brunch to benefit Outfront MN. It was a really amazing experience and something I never pictured myself doing it, but stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something for a great cause is one of the great spices of life. All the credit goes to the amazing Queen Genevee who put me up in the makeup and clothes.

The whole getting ready process took about ninety minutes, plus some extra time to get used to walking around in high heels. This was my first time in heels and it is a lot harder than it looks. The ones I wore were pretty modest, only about two or three inches, but it was still a challenge. My main goal was to not break both ankles walking in those heels on the roof. Would have made for an interesting ER run to go get x-rays in drag.

I will also never complain again that it takes my wife longer to get ready than me. I just throw my hair in a bandanna and toss on whatever t-shirt I grab that looks decently clean. Having full makeup done gives you a whole new appreciation for the whole process.

Also, huge shout out to the the real drag queens that performed Saturday. I basically just strutted around lip syncing (badly) to Lady Gaga. They had multiple costume changes and performances (it was a Madonna themed brunch and those queens looked the part). I can’t thank them enough for letting me crash their party for a day and be a part of that world. Truly an experience I won’t forget.

Be sure to checkout all the events that Outfront Minnesota puts on. They know how to party. They have a ton of events this weekend for Pride in Minneapolis.

As far as seeing Hot Tish again? I wouldn’t rule it out. Tish could never say no to a great party for a good cause.

Q: #AskHeather What is it like living with Dana during a World Cup? – Kantor

Nice! Another question for my wife Heather. You are always free to submit questions to her, too. She is funnier, smarter, and a better writer than me. Plus, nobody can bust my chops better she can. Take it away, H!

Well, Michael. That depends. The World Cup experience in the Wessel/Balgaard household has been very different this summer than it was four years ago when the US Men’s Team was playing in it.

In 2014, Dana and I had been dating for about two years and had lived with each other for just over a year. I was so in love with him and thought he could do no wrong. I hardly ever got annoyed with him. It was bliss. And then the World Cup happened….

I am not a good enough writer to describe what the experience was like. I will just say that when it was over I looked at Dana and said “In four years I am going to fly to a remote island with no electricity during the entire World Cup. I can’t handle you being around you like this.”

That might sound mean, but it does stem from a place of love. When you see someone you care about being tortured by something that is out of your control it makes you feel helpless, anxious, and annoyed. The level of devastation that Dana experienced when the USMNT was eliminated was tough to witness. We were walking home from the bar where we watched it at and he had to stop and sit on the sidewalk because he was too sad to walk. It’s a good thing that Dana is cute when he pouts, because I did feel bad for him even though it was pretty annoying.

This year has been truly enjoyable. It is nice just watching good players play good soccer without the anxiety of what a loss might mean for the rest of your day/week/summer. Dana has been a normal human during this World Cup cycle which has been very enjoyable. We talk about things that aren’t soccer, we get to go to restaurants that don’t have TVs, and I haven’t seen Dana cry once! So overall our household hasn’t been any different. Dana gets up to watch soccer every day, but that is a pretty normal occurrence.

Q: Dude I love you and your top wing article was better than I expected but how do you not put Ray-Js on that list? – Tyler

Tyler wasn’t the only person who called me out for this. I knew my wing article would create controversy. People are passionate about their wings and rightfully so. I guess I need to revisit Ray-Js. I haven’t had their wings in a number of years and, to be honest, the last time I had them it was pretty late at night. You could have given me a plate of pinecones smothered in buffalo sauce and I would have thought it was a delicacy sent directly from the gods.

So I will go give Ray-Js another shot. Also, as people pointed out, I need to broaden my wing horizons. Most the places on my list were in my neighborhood in Uptown or near the station downtown. I gotta hit some ‘burbs wings. What places do I need to check out?

Q: Now that more and more concert places and sports places are going with e-tickets, what will kids save in their scrapbooks? – Angie

If yo ever want a teenager to laugh at you, just ask them if they have a scrapbook. They will taunt you while taking Snapchats of your red, embarrassed face to send to their friends.

The mobile ticket thing is kind of a bummer, I agree. I grew up in the era of saving ticket stubs to literally everything I ever went to, from my first concert to a random Metrodome get-away day against the Tigers. Back before selfies and Instagram posts, ticket stubs were your proof you were there, ya know? I still like going through my old, faded stubs. I love even more seeing the ones my dad has from Vikings and Twins games at the old Met Stadium.

But, as much as I feel nostalgia for old ticket stubs, I’d say the kids have it a lot better these days. Rather than a ticket stub they have pictures of themselves at everything. I’d easily trade in my Linkin Park stub from a show at the Quest back in the day for a picture of me and my buddies after the show soaked in sweat from moshing around like idiots.

Q: Any updated thoughts on World Cup now that we are a few matches in? – Davey

  • It has been an amazing World Cup so far. I hope that continues as we head into the knockout round. The World Cup always goes by fast so I am trying to cherish and soak in every minute. So far the only match I haven’t watched came because of a poorly-timed meeting after a show this week. Plan on parking all day Saturday and Sunday to watch all six matches.
  • Upsets!!! Mexico over Germany, Japan over Columbia. Great finishes!!! So many late winners, so much excitement. I am loving this.
  • The pubs have been packed. I haven’t noticed any drop off because the US aren’t playing. It’s so much fun bonding with people supporting other national teams. That’s what the World Cup is all about.
  • I almost jumped through my ceiling when Messi missed that penalty. I want Iceland in the knockout round so badly.
  • The Volkswagen commercials where people try to get US fans to root for their country make me want to go slash the tires of every VW car I see.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody get out there and live your best life.

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