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Q: So what season is it anyway? – Michael

I really don’t know. I guess technically it is fall, according to the science people who do the calendars. But it was like 80 degrees on Wednesday. The world is bizarre.

You know how we always track crazy predictions The Simpsons made that turn out to be accurate? I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens someday with those stupid Sharknado movies.

“Looking clear today with some beautiful sunshine, high of about 85 degrees. Things turn tomorrow a bit, high of 45 with a chance of sharknado in central Minnesota.”

Q: What is [your wife] Heather’s favorite meal you cook for her? Does she like your cooking? – G

Well, as we do from time to time, I think it’s best to just go straight to the source for this one and have my wife Heather answer. As people always point out when she answers a question, she’s a better writer than me anyway. Take it away Heather!

Most people might be surprised to hear this, but Dana is a domestic goddess (god? no that doesn’t sound right. domestic king?). Anyway, Dana actually keeps our household running. He cooks dinner every night, does the laundry, cleans the kitchen, grocery shops, takes the trash out, etc. The cute thing is he actually LIKES doing it. He calls me everyday around noon and asks what chores need to be done. If I tell him “nothing” (which I usually do because I am looking at work emails and am only half listening) he will still find a list of things to take care of. I have to admit, I am pretty lucky. I remind myself of this when we are watching the trailer for the movie Creed II (Note from Dana: IT’S A DAMN GOOD TRAILER!!!!) for the hundredth time on a Saturday.

Dana is actually a great cook. I know a normal human would rank the ribs he smokes the best, but I don’t eat ribs. I would say my favorite dish is buffalo mac and cheese. He has only made that once because you know…. calories, but it was amazing. His go to is usually chicken stir-fried with onion, garlic, green, red and orange peppers served over a bed of couscous. We had that tonight and it was delicious.

So yeah, there is more to Dana than meets the eye. I am so lucky that I get to witness the life of this quirky, funny, sappy, domestic, radio man. He continue to surprise me.

Don’t be fooled. I think she was just being that sweet to me because I am taking her to the Lady Gaga movie AND to see her favorite comedian Heather McDonald this weekend.

Q: Are you going to judge me because I cried for Joe Mauer on Sunday? – Matty

Of course not. Why would I? I cried too. In fact, that was the second straight Sunday that sports caused me to roll tears. I lost it seeing Tiger walk up 18 with the lead and the swarm of people following him up. It was such a great moment. Like everybody else my age, I grew up watching Tiger and Joe Mauer. Both moments caused me to get pretty emotional, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I know people like to turn their nose up at sports sometimes. But don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed for getting emotional over it. I mean, if you are over the age of 8 and still cry whenever the Vikings lose, well that might be another issue. But there are often genuine human moments in sports that are better than any drama on TV or the movie screen. Embrace them. Remember, as much as we sometimes think athletes are superheroes, they are real humans, unlike say, the characters on This is Us or the toys from Toy Story. There is nothing wrong with getting emotional over the successes, failures and retirements of athletes.

Q: Who won the Eminem/MGK battle? – David

The winner? Me. After I drop a track this afternoon that takes them both down. They are going to carry me out like I am GD Rudy after this thing hits. It will be like the end of 8 Mile — there will be no rebuttals.

Naw, I really can’t say who won between the two. I guess probably Machine Gun Kelly because he is a hell of a lot more famous today than he was a few weeks ago before this thing started. Talk about punching above your weight class.

Call me a cynic, but in the age of social media and short attention spans, all of these music feuds seem contrived and setup. They always seem like a win-win for everyone involved. If you have a new album drop it is the focus of the internet for like 14 seconds before we have all moved on to the next shiny object or outrage. You can extend that to roughly 34 seconds if there is some sort of controversy involved.

The golden example of these set-up feuds will always be that stupid Kanye/Taylor Swift thing from the VMAs. It was a classic professional wrestling feud. One wanted to be America’s sweetheart and the other wanted to be America’s villain. Everybody won. Except the rest of us. We all lost.

Q: If it ends up Yankees/Red Sox in the ALDS, who should we root for among the two antichrist-esque franchises? – Chris

I got absolutely (maybe rightfully so) roasted Wednesday night when I said on Twitter that I actually kind of like this Yankees team. You would have thought I suggested we fill in all 10,000 of our lakes with concrete or something. I get it, the Yankees have beat the Twins in something like 9,000 straight playoff games, but these aren’t the Yankees of old. A-Rod and Jeter are gone. These Yankees are super-likeable. How could you not love Sir Didi Gregorius?! Judge whips up batches of sloppy taters and mashes them like 600 feet. These Yankees are fun.

Also, I hate admitting this too, but as a very, very casual baseball fan, I enjoy the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. It’s fun, I know the stakes, just always feels bigger than something like A’s vs Rays or something.

But to answer your actual question, root for the Yankees. Do it for Sir Didi!!

Q: The second player in Duck Hunt controlled the Ducks!? Given your elite video game mind I’m assuming you knew this, what else do you know about the unknown in 90’s game land? – Alex

I had known about this little Duck Hunt tidbit well before Seth Rogen blew the internet up with it. I don’t think I realized it at the time. Who the hell had the instruction booklet to Duck Hunt anyway? I read it somewhere along the line and equally had my mind blown.

My brain is a wealth of useless Nintendo knowledge. It’s amazing how many important facts and dates I can’t remember. A good friend of mine has been dating a guy for a year and I still have to discreetly ask someone to remind me of his name whenever he is around. However I could get kicked in the head by a horse and fall into a coma for years but still be able to recite the Konami Code as soon as I woke up. I am the worst.

I won’t bore you with a ton of tidbits but here is one that just came to my head. You know in Super Mario Bros. 3 when you go into the Mushroom Houses and get to pick three chests? It didn’t matter which chest you pick. Whatever item you got was randomly determined when you entered and the same item was in all three chests. HOW ABOUT THAT?!?!

Q: On this [week] 26 years ago the greatest hockey formation was created….the Flying V….just thought you should know. – Taco

Holy crap, you’re right. Happy Duckiversary, you guys! No more time to chat. Gotta go watch the Minnesota Miracle Man win the State Title.

That’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! The greatest month of the year is officially upon us. Go out and live your best life.

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