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Q: Well. Your thoughts on Creed II? – Johnny

This might come as a surprise to you….BUT I LOVED IT! In all seriousness, I am the exact target audience for a movie that is half sequel to Creed and half sequel to Rocky IV — the greatest movie of all time.

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone are just so terrific together. The scenes where they are just riffing and busting balls just warm my heart. I would watch any movie of them playing Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa. There wouldn’t even need to be boxing involved. I’d watch a three hour movie of them going on a fishing trip.

The obvious question people will be asking is if this one is as good as the original Creed. The answer is probably not. That’s a tough bar to clear and this one definitely misses that Ryan Coogler directorial finesse. But while the first Creed was a great movie, Creed II is a great Rocky movie, if that makes any sense at all. The first one introduced us to these amazing characters and definitely transcended the typical “sports movie” label. This one is more back to the formula that has kept this series running for 42 years (seriously, think about that). That is not a bad thing! There is something oddly comforting with the familiarity of it all. It feels right. If you are a fan of the characters, the montages, the score, you will leave the theater with a huge smile on your face.

Now bring on Creed III. Have him fight Mr T’s younger brother. Or Spider Rico’s nephews mailman. Hell, have him fight Rocky. I don’t care. I just need more.

Q: Is Thanksgiving turkey overrated? – Kelly

I unleashed my yearly “Thanksgiving food is trash” Twitter rant the other day and got some heat for it, so you probably know where I stand on this issue.

No need to go down that road again, but I will say this about the turkey: smoke it! If you have a smoker you should absolutely be smoking that big bird. I have been on the Smoke Train for some time now. It is glorious. Plus leaves room in the oven for other stuff.

I have also heard good things about deep frying turkey. I have never done it but it sounds awesome. If you are one of those deep fry maniacs please invite me over to your house on Thursday. I’ll bring beer and Nintendo games.

Q: How should I deal with the yearly barrage of snide comments from nosey aunts and uncles about why I am still single? Me thinks a bottle of wine or two or three or four might do the trick. – Becks

Tell them it is none of their effing business? I feel bad for people in these situations. Just try to change the subject as quick as possible. Or if you want to have fun with it make up an elaborate story about a person you’re dating but make it about a favorite TV character.

“He is such a sweetheart and a free spirit. His name is Pacey and he is originally from Capeside, Massachusetts. Remember the guy who played Charlie in Mighty Ducks? He kinda looks like him!”

Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes? There must be at least one you like. – Marty

The frozen pizza I cook when I get home from Thanksgiving.

Ha, sorry. I couldn’t resist. I was just kidding. I don’t hate all Thanksgiving foods. I get down on some mashed potatoes. Especially a good garlic mashed situation. That is just good eating right there. Nothin’ wrong with stuffing either. Ill eff with some Jello too.

All of your weird casseroles should be put in a cannon and blasted into the sky though. Don’t come near me with that. My pickiness is too extreme for that nonsense.

Q: For Ask Dana: Which core Cheers cast is better? Sam/Diane/Coach or Sam/Rebecca/Woody? – Mike

Fitting question for this edition of Ask Wessel since watching the Cheers Thanksgiving food fight episode is one of my yearly Turkey Day traditions. Us finally getting to see Norm’s wife Viera just for her to get smoked in the face with a pie is classic. So is Diane’s pilgrim outfit. Man, I love this show.

I gotta go with Team Sam/Diane/Coach. The Sam-Diane was one of the best “Will they? Won’t they?” bits in TV history. Coach is so sweet and endearing. I love Woody, but Coach is next-level great.

My biggest beef will always be with always be with Kirstie Alley and Rebecca. She didn’t bring much to the table. I once tweeted her about my feelings on this. She retweeted it and her fans attacked me for weeks. It was pretty hilarious.

And that, my friends, is the reason I am one of the elite people who can say they have been locked by Kirstie Alley on Twitter. To be fair…TO BE FAIR…I didn’t say I would never forgive her. I just said I was about six years away from forgiving her. Big difference.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to Thanksgiving! Hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday.

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