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Q: 20th anniversary….what is your favorite Sopranos episode ever? – Michael

That’s so hard. You could put all 86 episodes — minus that god awful Columbus Day episode — up on a wheel, spin it, and make a case for just about anything it landed on.

That show was just so transcendent in so many ways and I have such fond memories of watching it. The final two seasons came out when I was in college and we had viewing parties and endless bar discussions over it each week. There was something fun about piling people in a room to watch a show pre-streaming/DVR/On-Demand when you HAD to be there to see it. No being late, talking during the show, or pausing for bathroom breaks. I remember some episodes being so good we’d wait until the West Coast HBO showing a few hours later to watch it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade the technology we have now to go back to those days, but it is fun to remember how different things used to be.

Best episode? I’ll give you a few. Spoilers ahead, obviously, for a show 20 years old. Also, I am keeping this list light

5 – Long Term Parking – Season 5 Episode 12

One of the most devastating episodes. After cooperating with the Feds over multiple seasons, our sweet, sweet Adrianna finally got caught right as she was about to join the Witness Protection Program. Funny/sad story about this episode. I was rewatching The Sopranos and my wife was seeing it for the first time. She LOVED Adrianna. She even dressed as Ade for Halloween. I was dreading this episode because I knew what was coming and knew she would be crushed. Right before we started Long Term Parking she exclaimed, “I am going to put my Adrianna costume on to watch this one!” We may have been drinking wine. 45 minutes later she is sitting there on the couch in a full Adriana La Cerva costume sobbing on the couch. Oof.

4 – Employee of the Month – Season 3 Episode 4

The episode ending with Dr. Melfi’s intense “No” and cutting to black is one of the more powerful moments in the series, or televison for that matter. It also served as another example by David Chase that The Sopranos wasn’t your typical TV show and wasn’t just going to shovel up the gore/revenge and tidy conclusions that some fans craved.

3 – College – Season 1 Episode 5

The first few episodes of The Sopranos are a bit uneven as it finds its footing (not unlike most shows), especially since the pilot was filmed like 18 months before the second episode. But College is where the show pivots from intriguing to legendary. We see just how evil and ruthless Tony could be when he murders a former colleague who had entered the WPP…all while on a college visit with his daughter.

2 – Pine Barrens – Season 3 Episode 11

Without a doubt a lot of people’s favorite episode and probably (finale excluded) the most talked about episode ever. The dynamic and humor between Chris and Paulie was always great but became legendary when they were lost in the woods trying to track down a Russian they failed to kill. They could continue to make TV for 100,000 years and there will be few scenes funnier than Chris and Paulie sharing a rug for a blanket in an abandoned van and eating ketchup packets.

1 – The Telltale Moozadell – Season 3 Episode 9

The one where AJ gives Carmela The Matrix on DVD for her birthday. I laugh so damn hard whenever I think of that scene (which is often) and I cannot explain why. OK, fine, Pine Barrens is No. 1. But MATRIX DVD EPISODE IS IN THE TOP 5, OK?

So there ya go, that is my top five. I haven’t watched it in five or six years and am due for a re-watch. These are the five that popped to my mind. Feel free to blast me if I forgot any.

Q: My wife keeps trying to get a group of our friends together to do one of those escape room things and everybody is always “busy” what is a nice way to tell her that they aren’t “busy” they just “don’t wanna do an escape room”? – David

Ha, that is tough. Escape rooms aren’t THAT bad. They aren’t something I’d want to do once a week. I wouldn’t suggest a getting a weekly membership.

Maybe tell her all the escape rooms closed? Maybe there was some fire code ruling that they were unsafe or something? I dunno. I am just spitballing here. Something similar occasionally works with my wife when she suggests seeing a movie I don’t want to see.

Me: “Oh, shoot, yeah, that one isn’t in theaters anymore…”

Her: ‘It came out yesterday.”

Me: “Uh….yeah…Friday numbers were so low they just straight up pulled it.”

Q: Sometimes when the motion-activated sink or paper towel dispenser in the bathroom doesn’t work I wonder if I have somehow become a vampire? Have I transformed into a metaphysical, preternatural, demonic creature of the night? That would be kind of cool. – ChickenFingerz69

If anybody was a metaphysical, preternatural (I dunno even know what that means), demonic creature of the night, it would be a safe bet that it would be somebody who goes by Chicken Fingerz 69.

This happens to me sometime and I always feel like such a dolt. You stand there and move your hands back and forth. Pull them out for a second. Put them back in. Nothing. Then the dude at a different urinal pulls up to the sink next to you and gets the water from the sink flowing immediately.

Q: Am I the only one feeling old that Flip Saunders son is now a coach in [the] NBA? – Pattrick

Ha, I think a lot of people are feeling that way. Him and I are the same age and went to the U of M at the same time. We had a mutual friend and hung out Sallys once or twice. Think that’s enough of a connection to get me some courtside tickets/maybe a 10-day contract to sit at the end of the bench and wave a towel in my warm-ups after big 3s? Ahh… I don’t think I am going to play that card.

I was pretty surprised when I got to work Monday morning and saw the news. Then I kinda thought to myself, “Wow. A guy I went to college with is an NBA coach and I am sitting here wearing a bandanna and a Zelda t-shirt. Great.”

But in all honesty, I am happy and excited for him and hope he gets a shot next season without the interim tag. He is by all accounts a great dude who comes from a wonderful family. The Timberwolves are a franchise very short on tradition and history. To keep the team moving forward under the Saunders name would be pretty damn cool.

Q: How many pucks could Keith Tkachuk chuck if Keith Tkachuk could chuck pucks? – Cory


Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody have fun out there this weekend and be sure to listen to Ben and Dana Monday morning from 6-10am.

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