Villanova players celebrate with the trophy after beating Michigan 79-62 in the championship game of the Final Four NCAA college basketball tournament, Monday, April 2, 2018, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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Q: When is the person or peoples who invented Venmo just gonna steal all of our money and make us feel dumb – Dustin

Oh, I assume it has already happened in one way or another. I just figure all of our identities and private information has long been stolen by any company or hacker that wants it. I just rest a bit easier at night knowing stealing my identity or gaining access to my savings account wouldn’t really be worth the trouble for anybody who was into that type of thing.

It is funny how willing we are to just give our information to a random app on our phones. I remember once as a kid my mom tried handing the pizza delivery guy a check and it blew out of her hand. We looked all over the front yard for it with flashlights because we were worried that check could fall into the wrong hands! Oh my! Now we just go, “Yes, Mr Venmo app. You need my account number, routing number, AND my Wells Fargo login information? But of course! This is surely worth the risk to make it slightly easier to split bar tabs with friends!”

Giving your info to a supposed secured app is one thing, but what’s even funnier is how trustworthy we are when we call a random sandwich or pizza place for delivery. “OK, I know I am supposed to keep my card number a secret, but you know what? I got a good feeling about this person working the phones at this pizza place at 2am.”

Bottom line, we are all idiots and we are all addicted to technology and convenience.

Q: You tweeted that you don’t wash clothes you buy from thrift shops and I hope that was a joke because that is really pretty icky – Mandi

This honestly never even crossed my mind as a thing. I buy stuff from thrift shops all the time. Often times I will wear a purchase out of the store. Never once have I considered washing something before wearing it. I obviously give it the once-over to make sure there is no blood or anything and give it a brief sniff, but otherwise I just toss it on. I mean, what disease could I honestly get by throwing on a used jean jacket I just bought from a thrift store? I think I am fine here and will firmly stand (even if it is alone) on Team No Wash.

Q: What would you say the reason is that finding a movie you like randomly playing on TV is more enjoyable than consciously choosing to watch that same movie manually (like watching the blu-ray)? – Ben

There really needs to be scientific term for this because it is 100% true. I LOVE finding random movies on cable. If you follow me tweets on the weekends I ask people who has “spun the dials” to see what crappy cable movie is on. Finding some random dumb movie like Ace Ventura or Jurassic Park: The Lost World is so satisfying. I will call my wife in from the other room like we just hit the Powerball or something. It is so ridiculous and I cannot explain it.

Ben is right, too. I even get excited about finding a movie on cable even though I already own it or could easily cue it up on Netflix. Would I ever pop in the Lost World DVD? God no. You think I am animal? That’s the one with Vince Vaughn it for god’s sake. But finding it on TNT at 8PM on a Saturday night? CANCEL THE PLANS BABY! WE’RE STAYIN’ IN!!!

I take it a step further by looking for not only one movie, but two more that I call “flips.” The “fllip” movies are ones I switch to when the primary one goes to commercial. “OK, I got National Treasure: Book of Secrets on TBS that’s my Main. Flip One is Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift on TNT and Second Flip is Happy Gilmore on MTV.” It really is amazing that I am married.

Q: What your big Final Four predictions? Any upsets? If MSU wins I win by bracket but I feel weird wanting a Big 10 team besides the Gophs to win. – Tony

My prediction is that the real winner of the Final Four will be the people with Chainsmokers tickets at the Armory who get there in time to see Judah and the Lion open up for them. I absolutely love JatL and cannot wait to see them perform some songs off their new album live.

As far as the actual basketball games go? I honestly have no idea. Flip a coin for each of the semifinals and then flip a third for the final. I don’t even know who is favored at this point. I have a friend who is a big Michigan State fan so go Sparty I guess. You can tell I am really excited about this, can’t you?

My other prediction? The giant ferris wheel will break off and go rolling down the Nicollet Mall like in the cartoons. That would be pretty funny…as long as nobody got hurt. Or seriously hurt.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody get out there and do your part to keep the dream alive.

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