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Q: What age do you call it quits on dressing up for Halloween? – Mikey

I think it is just up to personal preference, right? There really isn’t a golden age where Halloween ends. Hell, adults have pretty much hijacked it from the kids anyway. Halloween is purely an adult holiday. Sure, some kids may walk up and down the block ringing doorbells for an hour or two on the 31st, but the reason Halloween is a billion dollar freakfest is because adults spend ungodly amount of money on costumes, bars, and parties.

I think the thing about Halloween is this: if you enjoy it, just enjoy it. Don’t berate others for not wanting to dress up or go all-out. There will be plenty of like-minded people who love the hell out of Halloween at the bars this weekend. Focus your energy on that rather than harassing your friends who don’t want to dress up. Just let them stay home and play Mario Odyssey in peace. In case you couldn’t tell, I am talking about myself here.

Q: Every weekend I wake up and see tweets from you up early watching soccer. With the Vikings playing at 8:30am this weekend, give us some tips for watching sporting events before the sun comes up. – Joe

Oh, man! My time to shine. I am definitely the expert when it comes to waking up to watch sports at unholy hours of the morning. I love it. It is such a great way to start your day.

  • Don’t overdo it Saturday night – This one is key. If you want to wake up fresh and ready for the game the next day, you really should pull the ripcord on the bar a little early the night before. Back in college, I could just stay up all night before Chelsea matches but, if you’re like me, that isn’t exactly practical any longer. I know it is Halloween Saturday, but trust me, if you don’t want to miss out on the first half of the game, then skip those ill-advised post-midnight shots at the bar.
  • Have some food ready – It is much easier to get out of bed early for a game if you know you have something delicious to eat. Lots of options. Can go as big as smoking some meat overnight in your electric smoker. If that is too ambitious there are plenty of egg dishes you can put in the crockpot overnight. Nothing better than waking up to your house smelling like delicious egg-bake. If nothing else, just make sure you have some solid bacon ready to toss in the oven.
  • Get together with friends – Whether you have friends over or meet up at a bar somewhere, sporting events at odd times of the day are always better when you watch together. Make it a shared-experience. It sounds like the NFL is moving the times of the London games next year so this will likely be your only chance to watch a game this early. The circumstances are unique and might not happen again so have some fun with it.
  • Take special care of your bartenders/servers – If you do go out to a bar for the game, take good care of the people working. I mean, you should always do this, but especially this early in the morning. There is a good chance the people working also closed the night before. Most bars won’t be used to having that big of a crowd that early. Take care of them for going the extra mile.

Q: Couples costume ideas? – John

Yeah, I got an idea. Don’t do a couple’s costume.

Just kidding. Kinda. They are fine under one very big condition. Both people have to be 100% committed to the costume and the bit. It is entirely noticeable when it was one person’s idea and the partner is just getting dragged along. That is just awkward and uncomfortable, for both the couple and the people at the party. Don’t make your dude be Raggedy Andy if he is just gonna mope the entire time. Don’t make your gal be Princess Leia if she has never seen a Star Wars movie and thinks the whole thing is dumb. You have to be in it to win it.

Q: You are up against 1980s Legion of Doom in a winner take all match. Who do you take as your tag-team partner? Wrestler? Non-wrestler? – Sean

What do we consider “all”? How about a “winner take all except Dana’s Donkey Kong machine” match?

I think the wrestler I would take would be 1980s Ric Flair. No other reason than because I know we’d party if we won and party even harder if we lost.

Non-wrestler? This is tough. Maybe Chris Pratt. Doesn’t even have to be Zero Dark Thirty Chris Pratt. I’d take beer belly Andy Dwyer from Parks Chris Pratt as well. We’d make a badass tag team.

Q: What random Minnesota celebrity do you want to see join Justin Timberlake on stage at the Super Bowl? – Alissa

Here is a list in no particular order.

  • Guy who played Stiffler
  • Dick Enrico
  • Wally the Beerman
  • Clarence Swamptown
  • St. Cloud Superman
  • Minnesota Vikings Gen Z Consultant
  • Menards commercial guy
  • Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kris Humphries
  • That guy from Minneapolis that was on like season 14 or 15 of the MTV Real World.

Q: Should I wait until I’ve got every shrine & side quest [in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild] completed before beating Ganon? Also should I do all those things before starting Mario Odyssey? – Batchers

WARNING! NERDY NINTENDO ALERT!!! If the question didn’t make sense, the answer won’t either. Feel free to jump ahead.

The beauty about Zelda: BotW is that there is no right or wrong way to play it. I waited until I beat all 120 shrines, leveled all my armor up to level three, and had all four Divine Beasts before beating Ganon. I didn’t bother with every Seed or side quest. That would take forever. But I definitely took my time.

That is just one way to do it. I wanted to take in all the game had to offer and savor it, rather than rush through it. That’s what I’d do if I were you. Mario will always be there. No need to rush from one masterpiece to the next.

Q: I have a wedding in a couple weeks and there are a ton of people there I don’t wanna talk to. Any advice? – Michelle

When it comes to situations like this I always try to do the math and look at the numbers. What is the ratio? Will there be more people there you DO want to talk to than people you don’t want to talk to? If so, you’re fine. Just stay in the comfort zone away from the people who suck.

But if you are going to have a few exes and ton of friends you’ve stopped talking to, well, that is a different story. But it’s a wedding so you have to at least make an appearance. Show up, fake like you’re having fun and pull the ol’ Irish Exit once the booze kicks in and people won’t realize you dipped.

Q: Gonna let the Amazon guy have the key to your house? – Brad

In case you haven’t heard (or didn’t click the link above) Amazon is testing a service that will allow the Amazon delivery driver to open your front door to drop off a package, thus eliminating someone yoinking it off your doorstep.

Would I do it? Oh, sure. Why not? I get so few visitors over anyway, why not let the Amazon guy have a key? Maybe it will be like a Big Daddy situation where the delivery guy becomes one of my best friends.

I think they should take it a (ridiculous) step further. Maybe call it the Amazon Challenge. The Amazon delivery guy bursts into your house during times unknown. It could be at noon. It could be at midnight. But when they arrive, they challenge you to some sort of game of chance. Rock Paper Scissors, dice, coin flip, something to that extent. If you win, the order is free. If you lose, you pay double. I’d order stuff from Amazon every day.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of the weekend and toast to the weekend!

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