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Q: Should election day be a national holiday? Or would people just stay home and not actually vote – Becky

Absolutely it should be a national holiday. It’s pretty ridiculous that it isn’t. Sure, some people would look at it as a free day off, kinda like the people in high school who would leave school when a sports team was playing a state tournament game but never quite end up at the game (full disclosure, that may have been me once or twice). But those people weren’t going to vote anyway so screw ‘em.

Go vote on Tuesday. Do it. Get that damn red sticker. Oh, speaking of the red sticker, with how critical voting has become, don’t you think we can do better than just a sticker? I tweeted about this during the primaries, but think of how much higher voting turnout would be if you got a mozzarella stick after you turned in your ballot? Sure, it’s a depressing though, but there is no denying that we are a country motivated by free food. Have some piping hot mozzis ready to go at the voting booths.

Mozzis in 2020!!!!

Q: I am a few years younger than you so I never got into Beastie Boys but I have been loving your tweets about their book and want to start listening to them. Any tips on where to start? – Mike

Just like any other great odyssey you should start from the beginning. It is 2018 and everybody has instant access to every album at their fingertips. Fire up their first album License to Ill and go in chronological order. It really is the best way to fully appreciate the evolution of their sound as a band and their maturity as people. Or if that sounds like a ton of work just fire up their Anthology album that came out in 1999 or their Solid Gold Hits from 2005. Just know I will judge you if you choose the lazy option.

I also think everybody should read their new book Beastie Boys Book. I do mean everybody, even you, person reading this sentence right now. I don’t care if you have ever heard of the Beastie Boys are not. This book should be required reading. It is written in a unique way that only Mike D and Ad-Rock could pull off. They both take turns writing chapters while also chiming in via footnotes in the other’s writing. They also have a bunch of guest writers adding to the book as well, everyone from Amy Poehler to Spike Jonze.

If you know me at all it should come no surprise how much I adore this book. I find myself finishing a section and closing it and just cuddling it like it is a baby or a small puppy. Is that weird? Know what? Let’s just move on.

Q: You coming on Titanic II with me? I am buying tickets. – Richie

Oh hell yeah. I am totally in on Titanic II. In case you missed it, they are building an exact replica of the Titanic and the maiden voyage will be the same route the orig’ was taking before it smoked that iceberg and sunk.

They say the new ship will be updated with modern navigation devices and have enough lifeboats for everybody on board (woulda came in handy back in ol’ 1912) but the rest of the boat will have the same look and feel of the first one.

I have no doubt that this one will make it across the Atlantic safely. No chance this one sinks, right?? However, I doubt I would survive the trip. Remember that section of the boot in the movie where Jack and Rose go have beers with those rowdy dudes and are dancing and having fun? I would be That Guy that had a ton of beers down there then would go and try to do the “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD” thing on the front of the boat and I’d fall ass-over-kettle into the freezing water never to be seen again. Whatever. Worth it.

Q: Obviously Survivor is the greatest game ever, but what about Big Brother? If they did a switcheroo and offered you a spot on Big Brother instead of Survivor, would you do it? – David

No chance. Big Brother is just people sitting around yelling at each other. That show just stresses me out. It reminds me of all those shouty Housewives show my wife watches. Just people sitting around screaming at each other. At least on Survivor you are out on an island for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. If I wanted to sit around in a house and get in screaming matches I would just invite all the people I knew in high school that post horrendous racist/political memes on Facebook all day. Hard pass.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend!

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