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Q: I forgot to request Monday off. I have a feeling I will be at the bar for a long time [Sunday after the Vikings game] either celebrating or drinking my misery. Would it be super obvious when I call in “sick” on Monday? – Tyler

Oh, very obvious why you called in sick. But I am sure you won’t be alone. Win or lose, the state of Minnesota is going to be pretty hungover on Monday morning. That’s why I was really hoping we would get a Saturday game to avoid that whole mess. I just hope it will be happy hangovers and not sad hangovers. 

Either way, if you’re the first person in the office on Monday, make sure to make a lot of coffee. If you really need to score some points with the coworkers you should bring in donuts or greasy breakfast sandwiches.

Q: What Winter Olympic sport athletes party the hardest? – Brandon

From what I have read it seems like they all rage. They are some of the best athletes in the world and they finish doing something they trained their entire lives for. Who wouldn’t celebrate after? But party the hardest? Has to be snowboarders right? That was the one that immediately came to mind. Hockey, too. I have known some hockey players in my day and they have never seemed shy about pounding some beers.

But the more I think about it, I think it has to be one of the really dangerous sports, like ski jumping or skelton. Didn’t that Bode Miller cat admit to skiing in the Olympics WHILE hammered? You gotta kinda have a bit of a screw loose to decide something like attaching a pair of sticks to your feet and going down a 70 meter jump at 60 mph sounds like a good idea. Same with laying head-first on a sled going down a track made of sheer ice. Those men and women definitely need something to take the edge off after getting done with something like that. I’d get after it with them in a heartbeat.

Q: Imagine being a grown adult mad at a Star Wars movie. – Stu

Right? What losers.

***Stops writing and reflects on the time I got into a shoving match in college over which Mighty Duck would have had the best NHL career***

Eh, we all have our quirks.

Q: What celebrity are you most hoping to see over Super Bowl weekend? I assume The Rock? – Megan

The guy who played Cody on Step by Step.

Yeah, you are right. Probably Rock. I have loved him since he was Rocky Maivia in the Nation of Domination in WWF. About six months ago Ben, Giselle and I were in our bosses office for a meeting. We were talking about goals, what we hope to accomplish and get out of our morning show. What needs to happen for us to look back on this someday and consider it a success? Me, being the smartass that I am, blurted out that I’ll consider it a success if I take a selfie with The Rock someday. Who knew I might have a chance to accomplish all my wildest dreams so quickly?!?

Q: If you’re a massive Vikings fan, is seeing them in a Super Bowl at their home stadium worth $3,745 (the current cheapest ticket on StubHub)? Assume we’re an average middle-class American that would have to pay off that purchase over a year or two. – Chad

I mean, if it has been your lifelong dream to see the Vikings play in the Super Bowl and you already live in Minnesota, then yes, this will be your best opportunity to make it happen. Sure, the game ticket will be expensive, but any other year the Vikings go to the Super Bowl you will have to factor in hotel, flights, car rental, food, etc. The game ticket will be your only expense other than parking, beer, etc. It will never be cheaper for a Vikings fan to see the Purple in the Super Bowl if they make it this year. You can go see the game and sleep in your own bed after. Or underneath the Hennepin Ave bridge after you are out all night celebrating.

Is it worth it? That’s all up to the individual person. Personally, I’d rather hunker down at a bar full of people or watch at home. But if the Vikings do make it to the Super Bowl, this would be the best (and maybe only) chance for diehards to see them in the big game.

Q: Is there anybody worse than the ‘book is better than the movie’ person? – Andi

I think it is a tie with the following people.

  • The ‘I don’t even own a TV’ person.
  • The ‘Actually, I am doing a cleanse right now’ person.
  • The ‘Needs more than four words to order at Caribou’ person.
  • The ‘Waves credit card at the bartender to get their attention’ person.
  • The ‘Gives unsolicited advice to a stranger at the gym’ person.
  • The ‘I judge you because I drink craft beer and you drink PBR’ person.
  • The ‘I liked their early albums before they blew up and sold out’ person.
  • The ‘Thinks they are better than people who don’t use Apple products’ person.
  • The ‘Listening to music in public through the crappy speaker on their phone’ person.
  • The ‘I am gonna hand strangers flyers in public so they have to throw them away’ person.
  • The ‘I think I am special and unique because I have never seen a popular TV show or movie’ person.

Q: Is there any way the new American Idol is a success? I can’t stand Katy Perry. Yuck. – Krista

I can’t see this ending well at all. The key to rebooting something is waiting long enough for people to miss it. I feel like American Idol was off the air for two weeks before they announced they were bringing it back. To make matters worse, they swung and missed on all the judges they wanted. They couldn’t even get Kelly Clarkson to come back. She bolted for the more popular Voice. I am sure they are swell people, but I can’t see Katy Perry and Lionel Richie really moving the needle. Luke Bryan is popular, but I think there are just as many people that find him and his brand of bro-country insufferable. I am kind of looking forward to this crashing and burning.

Q: Favre says he hopes his grandkids play golf instead of football. Would you let your kids play football? Or will you make them play your sport soccer? – Matthew

I don’t have any kids yet and we are still well over a decade away from any potential kid wanting to play football. I guess we would have to see where we are with player safety at that point. I suppose it could be moot because youth football might be banned. Who knows?

I guess it would really come down to whether any potential son was gifted my football ability or his grandpa’s football ability. My dad was a hell of a football player who played through college. Me? Ehh not so much. I didn’t start until sophomore year of high school when I traded in my shin pads for shoulder pads. I was a borderline special teams player at best. So if Dana Jr ended up with my football skills I’d have no problem letting him play, seeing as he wouldn’t be on the field enough to get hurt anyway.

Q: Have you had Chipotle since you’re “incident”? – Darbracer

For those unaware, I had an incident with Chipotle. I don’t want to gross anybody out so I will use general medical terminology here. A few hours after having a burrito bowl in December I had hot molten lava coming out one end and guac-flavored ralph coming out the other. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I am pretty sure my wife is still traumatized, and it won’t surprise me if she now loves me a little less.

But to answer your question, have I had Chipotle since? Oh efffffffffffffff no. I get queasy just driving by the place. I can’t picture myself ever eating there again. I’ll eat gas station sushi that has been left out in the sun before I get back in line at ‘Potle.

Q: Final score prediction for the Vikings? – Seth

Vikings 24 Saints 13. We host the Falcons in the NFC Championship game. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the Vikings. Have fun everybody. Enjoy the game on Sunday.

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