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Q: Are you guys gonna be at the State Fair? Can I come say hi? I am only kinda awkward I promise. – Mackenzie

Yes we will be! Full schedule will come out soon but we will be there almost every day at various times. We won’t be doing our show there every day because, well, not exactly a long line at the cheese curd stand at 6am. So rather we plan on doing our show from the studio then heading out to the Fair in the afternoon to hang out at the booth.

Also, YES, please come say hello. We love meeting and hanging out with everyone in the #GoFam. Don’t be shy. We are nice. We don’t bite. We have a lot of cool stuff planned for our booth this year. Can’t wait to see everybody. High-fives and bro-hugs all around.

Q: What would you do with the Brady Bunch house [that HGTV just bought]? – Ash

Oh, easy. You ever see the movie Project X? I’d throw a rager like that. Just an insane party that ends with SWAT getting called in. I dunno why, I just think that would be funny. A rave in the Brady Bunch house? You know Greg Brady would be down.

You do gotta feel a little bad for Lance Bass. He had the thing pretty much bought before HGTV came in and sniped him at the last second with a Godfather offer. It’ll be interesting to see what HGTV does with the house. I am sure the people that live around it are just going to love the added traffic and people taking selfies.

I’ll be honest though, if I had the cash, the Brady Bunch house wouldn’t be on the top of my list. I think I would go with the Sopranos house. I would love to walk down the driveway in my bathrobe every morning to grab the paper like Tony.

Q: Do you accept fantasy football questions in Ask Wessel? – D.C.

I mean, I guess I could? I don’t know what help I would be. My knowledge of the NFL has plummeted over the last decade. I used to be a Madden/fantasy/watch every game kinda guy in college. Now I don’t even watch every Vikings game. There is no main reason why, I suppose. Just a combination of everything we know in 2018 about the NFL, the health impact football has on former players, and just the overall circus surrounding the league. It just isn’t for me.

Please save yourself the time and don’t fire off an email about how soccer sucks and the NFL rules. It’s nothing personal. You love the NFL? Fantastic! I am glad you have something you enjoy. I just lost interest in the product and prefer other sports. There is room for everybody. No need to get into the “MY FAVORITE SPORT IS BETTER THAN YOURS!” Just enjoy the games.

Q: Do you [Ben and Giselle] really get hot dogs at the gas station every morning or is it just a joke? – Angela

Some days we do! Ha, but no, not everyday. Sometimes we just tweet the dogs on the rollers because it is funny. We have attempted to stay in the health-zone this summer. Attempted. Keyword very much attempted. There are lots of relapses and “the diet starts back up on Monday” resets, especially now that Ben’s wedding is behind him (we’ve made Heggies three days this week).

The three of us are just kinda obsessed with food. About 10-12 times a morning one of us will say, “No what would be really good right now?” and then finish with some random food that no human should be hungry for at 7am. We are lucky more restaurants aren’t open early during our show in the North Loop near our station. We would order ribs and mashed potatoes at 6am if we could.

Q: How did you convince your wife to let you wear a headband at your wedding. Also, can you convince my wife Jennifer to let me wear a headband at our wedding in September? – Phil

Hey Jennifer…let Phil wear a headband at your wedding. Cool?

Alright. Sorted! You’re welcome, Phil.

Honestly, there wasn’t any convincing needed. My wife was perfectly OK with it. For the record, I didn’t wear it DURING the ceremony. She told me I could wear one, but I thought it’d be better to keep it off during the actual “I do” part. Plus, I literally had a bandana up my sleeve. Once we kissed and were pronounced man and wife and started walking out, Born to Run by Springsteen hit and I pulled a bandana out of my inner jacket pocket and tossed it on.

Honest advice? Just look for some sort of compromise. Maybe you don’t wear one during the big picture session/ceremony, but you put one on during the reception when you are getting down on the dance floor to Uptown Funk. No need to start out your life together with a stupid fight over a piece of cloth tied around your forehead.

Q: How sad is that story about Goldberg? – Benny

Oh, man. So sad. In case you missed it, the actor who played Greg Goldberg (Sean Weiss) in the Mighty Ducks THRILL-ogy was arrested for public intoxication and mannnnn did he look rough. You would never have recognized him from the mugshot. You can Google it if you want but I am not going to post it here because it just bums me out.

The story says Weiss has also been busted for meth possession in recent years. Obviously he has some demons. Hopefully he has a real life Gordon Bombay in his circle that can help him out.

Q: What are the rules for cutting a pizza? Squares or triangles? Does it matter what type of pizza? My wife cuts every pizza in squares and it drives me crazy. I think only certain pizzas should get the square treatment. What says you Mr Wessel? – Brett

It is clear that you are a true pizza savant, Brett, because you are absolutely right. The cut of the za depends on the style of the za.

Thin crust – Squares. Every single time, but especially with a Heggies. Thin crust cut in squares is just the best. You CAN get away with going in triangles with a thin, but it’s not recommended.

Traditional crust – Triangles. You can get away with doing triangles on a thin crust, but the opposite is not true for traditional. Triangles only. If you go squares on a traditional (or thicker) crust, the middle pieces just get soupy and disgusting. No good.

Deep dish – Don’t even eat it. Deep dish is trash pizza.

Q: Who do you see winning the Premier League this year? Another [Manchester] City runaway? Top four? – Darrin

Woooo! Premier League is back this weekend. All is once again right in the world. That was a long, awful, depressing six days between the World Cup and the start of the Prem. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

I often get asked by casuals/non-soccer fans if soccer never stops because it seems there is always something happening. That is more or less correct. There is like a small 4-hour window once a year where there isn’t a soccer match happening somewhere in the world.

But back to your question, Darrin. Even though it has been a decade since the Premier League has seen repeat champions, I don’t see anybody threatening City for the trophy. Will they win it by 19 points like last season? I doubt it, but City are just too deep and have too much class.

I see the league finishing like this…

  1. Manchester City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Manchester United
  4. Spurs
  5. Chelsea

Liverpool will give City the biggest challenge. United will coast to a third place finish playing boring Jose Mourinho football. Spurs will do enough to hold off Chelsea in the top four, who could be in for a real disaster of a season, as much as that pains me to say.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody do their part to keep the dream alive this weekend before summer slips away.

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