Don’t get it twisted, we definitely scrape the windows on the GoAudiMobile before we drive it. Photo by Darin Kamnetz

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Q: Can you do a Snow Show every night pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase…… – Cary

Sure! I have very little to do with the actual planning of these events. I kinda just show up. So I’ll tell the powers-that-be that we want 365 of these things.

But in all seriousness, I have been at Go 96.3 since the day we flipped the switch and went live and Snow Show ’18 was one of the most fun nights we’ve ever hard. The #GoFam is so strong. Everyone who listens to the station, shows up to our concerts, turn up at our events, etc. We are so grateful for all of you. We are building something unique and different here in the Twin Cities and it is all thanks to the crazy #GoFam.

We still have one party left this year. Our final Go Show of the year is Tuesday, December 18 at Fine Line with Smallpools. Then we flip the calendar and start 2019. We already have a ton of cool sh*t planned. Trust me, 2019 will be the biggest year yet for Go 96.3.

Q: I heard you bragging about not scraping your car. That’s not safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scrape your windshield! – Andi

Did my mom put you up to sending this question in? Be honest.

On the radio and Twitter I proudly proclaim that I am ‘Team No Scrape’ when it comes to a frozen windshield in the morning. It is true. I never scrape my windshield. But let me clarify something. I don’t just get in a cold car, fire it up, roll the window down and start driving Ace Ventura-style with my head out. Nor do I drive by peeking through the one little spot that you can see through.

No, no, no. You guys are giving ‘Team No Scrape’ way too much credit. TNS is all about laziness. TNS folks get in their car, fire it up, blast the defrost and just sit around until it all melts. It’s almost kind of a relaxing and calming way to start the morning. I leave early enough every day that I will still make it in time before the show starts even if my TNS duties go a little long. I have a phone. I carry my Switch with me most places. I have no problem just sitting there until the car is toasty, the windows have defrosted, and I have sent 5-6 snarky tweets. It’s all very zen.

Clearly this is the way you should do it. It would be a great insult to John H. DeFrost and his entire family if we didn’t utilize his great invention. 

Q: What will it take, success-wise, by the Gopher football team for the Minnesotans who hate PJ Fleck to get over it? – Dave

I guess this question is referencing me since I love making fun of PJ Fleck. I am obviously not alone in thinking the dude is a corny catchphrase goofball. Just like those of us who bag on Fleck aren’t the only ones who rip on on coaches in professional* sports. But for some reason the Fleck supporters are the only fans in sports that get so oversensitive to anybody daring to make a joke on the internet about their leader.

*Yes, big time college football is a professional, big money sport. You are kidding yourself if you think of it as anything else.

Making fun of the Gopher football coach has been like a constant with the program my entire life. I remember being a part of an entire student section in college wearing FIRE MASON t-shirts like two years after he went 10-3. Brewster was clowned from day one. Obviously the notable exception was Jerry Kill, but the entire state couldn’t wait to run his handpicked predecessor Tracy Claeys out of town.

So this whole notion that anybody who dares to make fun of a clearly corny Gopher football coach is somehow out of line is pretty funny to me. It isn’t like the people skeptical of Fleck want him to fail. They just want something to happen that backs up all the talk. And it has! The Axe was awesome. Now keep it going.

Oh, and just ease up on the “row the boat” stuff just a tad. Every single time he says that I think about Larry the Cable Guy yelling “GIT R DONE!!!”

Q: About 12 times a week we get an email at work updating us about the status of the fax machine. The fax machine is down. The fax machine is back running. Nobody even uses the fax machine. – Tony

It really is amazing that so many offices have fax machines. I guess my specific job doesn’t ever require me to fax anything, but there must be some reason to have them? I guess?

Here’s what I say we do with the fax machines. Next time office morale is low and the crew could use a pick-me-up, load up the fax machine in a truck, head to an empty field and go all Office Space on that thing. Then head to happy hour. Boom. Happy office.

Q: Why would anyone want a smart light bulb so much that they would part with $45 for one? – David

There is no way a smart light bulb is a thing and I refuse to even Google it. Nice joke, David. No chance. Don’t believe you. Oh god, they are real, aren’t they? I can’t handle this. Lets just wrap this Ask Wessel up.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Happy December, you guys!

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