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Q: You make fun of it a lot [on Twitter] but I think you’d really like This is Us if you gave it a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Aimee

Ha, I know I would, that’s why I refuse to watch it. My wife watches and I have heard enough to know that I would get sucked in and be one of the people watching every week and crying on Twitter. I am just not ready for that. I am a hard-pass on this show. It just seems a bit too emotionally manipulative for me. Nothing wrong if that’s your jam. A lot of shows follow that same formula. It just seems like gut-punch after gut-punch, where they focus more on making you cry rather than actually telling a good story.

I actually have a buddy who works as a writer on the show. Him and I were texting the other day about the upcoming storylines for this season and I’ll share a couple here.

  • Remember how the crockpot started a fire earlier in the show? They are upping the ante this season and having an entire crockpot factory explode. No survivors.
  • There is an upcoming three episode arc about an entire orphanage disappearing into a sinkhole. No survivors.
  • For Halloween they are doing a crossover episode with The Purge movie franchise. It’s expected to get very bloody. No survivors.
  • The mid-season finale is going to involve an asteroid obliterating an entire zoo full of animals. No survivors.

Let me know if you need to borrow any tissues!

Q: Should a remake of The Mighty Ducks happen? If so, who would be your pick for Gordon Bombay? – Dave A.

Should a remake happen? Probably not. Will a remake happen? Of course it will. A remake will also happen for every other piece of pop culture that had even a modicum of success. We all just need to collectively accept that and not act like somebody crapped in our Corn Flakes, even when some Justin Bieber-looking knob ends up playing Marty McFly in a reimagining of Back to the Future. It’s just how the world works these days and we have to accept it.

That being said, I would prefer if they did more of like a Creed-like continuation of the Ducks series rather than just a zany remake. The dream scenario would be to have Joshua Jackson who played Charlie Conway return to be the “new Bombay” of sorts. Down on his luck hockey washout that ends up returning to coaching after his playing career flames out. You get Emilio Estevez to play the role of Hans/mentor to Charlie. Whole new round of Ducks magic for a new generation and dorks like myself still obsessed with those movies and characters.

Now, of course, you’d have to get Jackson and Estevez to agree to do this. Neither is extremely busy, per a quick Google search, but I have to imagine they are comfortable enough in life that it might take some convincing to get them to return to the goofy peewee hockey franchise they made 25 years ago.

Q: Can you give me just one little itty bitty tiny bitty itty witty little clue about Snow Show this year???? – Erin

Ha, everyone here at Go 96.3 has learned their lesson and only tell me things the moment before it is time to announce it. I have the biggest mouth. I always end up giving away what I think is a tiny clue on Twitter that actually just blatantly gives away the headliner.

So all I know is that the people who book the our concerts (Christy and Jordan) know who is playing. Sounds like we will be announcing very soon. Stay posted for more hints as we get closer to snow season.

Oh, one rumor I did hear? My old band The Flaming Undies might be reuniting for one night only at #GoSnowShow18. Stay tuned.

Q: Top five WWE finishing moves of all time? – Tank

So tough to narrow it down to just five. I’ll do my best to rank five but feel free to flame me for my picks. I love talking wrestling and wrestling finishers.

5. RKO – Randy Orton – Listen, I can’t stand Randy Orton. Dude once stiffed me on a handshake. Screw him. But the RKO is truly great. I just love how it can come out of nowhere. Props must be given to Orton, despite his level of douche baggedness, for finding some many crazy ways to do it.

4. Figure Four Leg Lock – Ric Flair – Had to have at least one submission move on this list and nobody’s was better than Flair’s.

3. The People’s Elbow – The Rock – This move just epitomizes the greatness of The Rock. So over-the-top, so silly, so perfect…and without a doubt the most electrifying move in sports entertainment history. That slow elbow pad slide, the arms crossing, hitting the ropes, the flash bulbs going off…doesn’t get much better than that.

2. Sweet Chin Music – Shawn Michaels – HBK only gets the nod above Rock here because of the degree of difficulty involved. Kicking somebody square in the jaw is a bit tougher to pull off than an elbow drop delivered for comic-effect. The thing I loved about Sweet Chin Music is it could be delivered spontaneously or with the long band tune-up.

1. Stone Cold Stunner – Stone Cold Steve Austin – My favorite wrestler of all time so it is only fitting he gets the top spot on my list. There have been so many iconic Stunners over the years. In fact, here is a 23 minute compilation of Stone Cold Stunners for you to enjoy.

There is my list! Rip away if you disagree. Just don’t try to convince me that Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver belongs on this. You are wrong.

Q: Hey @DanaWessel if I eat Mentos and have a Coke a Cola at the same time will my mouth explode? #AskWessel – Anna

Yeah, maybe. Give it a try?

Q: How the heck is Will Smith 50? – Jamie

Willard Carroll Smith Jr was born on on September 25, 1968, which, according to my math, was 18,265 days ago. Divide 18,265 by 365 days in a year and you get 50.04 years. That, Jamie, is how Will Smith is 50-year sold.

No, I get what you are saying though. Will Smith is one of those people that should never age and should be like 29-years old forever. As Apollo Creed told Rocky in Rocky IV, “It’s too bad we gotta get old, Stallion.” Although it is kinda depressing seeing the Fresh Prince get older, at least the dude is still thriving. He went bungee jumping for this 50th, started rapping again, has one of the most interestingly bizarre Instagram account ever. Well, I guess maybe a midlife crisis might be more accurate than “thriving.” Either way, stay young, Big Willy.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody get out there and do your part to help keep the dream alive.

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