Dana trying on his outfit for this weekend’s Royal Wedding party. AP Photo/Frank Augstein

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Hey guys! Do you like to party? Well we will be partying Saturday at Bunny’s NE for Art-A-Whirl from 2-6PM. Come hang. There will be live music and awesome drink specials. $3 for a 16 oz Hamms and $6 for a 16 oz Hamms and a bump of Maker’s Mark 46. Oh hell yeah, let it ride!

Q: Royal Wedding predictions? – Jen

A well-dressed bride and groom will get married in a big ceremony filled with thousands of onlookers and people in silly hats. That’s my official prediction.

My hope though is that the thing goes totally off the rails. Something seems a bit off with this whole Markle family. I would love to see the dad come flying in on a zipline and crashing the wedding. Sadly that won’t happen, I have just seen too much WWE. But man, could you imagine?

Few other predictions:

  • I will yell “I DO DECLARE” in a brutal British accent while watching it on the couch with my wife about 250 times.
  • Remember Hologram Tupac? Hologram Princess Diana.
  • My Royal Wedding-obsessed wife Heather, who has plans to get up early and drink mimosas, will either oversleep or get up but fall back asleep on the couch before they say I do.
  • Brit’s Pub will make a ton of money. Opening at 5am for the wedding PLUS a Chelsea vs Manchester United FA Cup Final? It is a big day for Minnesotans who love British stuff.
  • The Will Ferrell/Molly Shannon commentary will be funny for about a minute.
  • I bet one of the horses in the horse-drawn carriages stops to take a dump during the long procession. At last I am hoping that will happen.

Q: Are Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran the same person? – Angie

No, they are the different people. However they very similar in that they are two people who definitely benefited from being born Royal/with insane musical talent because, let’s be honest, if either of these two worked at a bowling alley, they wouldn’t be getting any dates.

Q: Now that we’re in #PatioSeason, what’s the best beverage to drink on a patio? – Dan

Man, I just love patio season. Drinking is always fun, but there is something about drinking OUTSIDE on a patio, especially if that patio is up high, preferably on the roof. Nothing better than being a roof with a drink and looking down all like “Bahahha look at those commoners below me while I sit up on this throne and drink alcoholic nectar from my chalice!”

I am pretty basic when it comes to drinks at the bar. I either go for a beer or a vodka soda. But the one patio drink I absolutely love is a mojito. There is something just so delicious and refreshing about a mojito, it just takes like summer. But I feel bad asking a bartender to make them for me. It is already hot on the roof and there are people thirsty people everywhere wanting drinks. I feel guilty making a bartender basically do a P90X forearm workout with that muddle tool just to make me a drink.

A close second would be whatever magical concoction is in that slushy machine on the Up-Down rooftop. I have no idea what it is but it is freezing and delicious and comes in a cool glass shaped like an orange. Party.

Q: Am I the only one who doesn’t get the LaCroix [Sparkling Water] thing? – Cydney

You mean you don’t get why it is so popular, right? Because I agree with you there. I mean, it is fine. It is flavored water with bubbles. Great. Glad people enjoy it. But I don’t get the people that act like its crack water and they can’t stop drinking it. Is there a Crack LaCroix I don’t know about? What magical Target are you people getting this Crack LaCroix at?

It is almost like it is becoming the new bacon on the internet. Everybody is obsessed with it and can’t stop talking about it. I even saw they are now selling LaCroix swimsuits. Nobody needs that.

Q: Did you hear Yanni or Laurel? – Luke

Naw, once Paul Ryan weighed in on this it was over.

Q: What was your favorite memory of Pearl? – Myjah

Oh, sweet Pearl. So my wife called me during our show on Wednesday morning. She has NEVER done that in the five years of me doing morning radio. I panicked and left the studio to take the call….only to find out the emergency was that her fish died.

Don’t get me wrong. Sad times. But I was very relieved to find it was only the fish that died and not, you know, a person. I think the saddest part was that we couldn’t even keep that fish alive for longer than six months. Whoops.

Anyway, here is a picture of Pearl. Please stare at it for 3 minutes and 40 seconds while listening to Sarah Mclaughlin’s 1995 smash hit ‘I Will Remember You’.

Q: What is your all time favorite concert (not including any Springsteen shows)? – Tim

I have told this story before but my favorite concert ever was also my first concert. I convinced my mom in 7th grade to take me to the Up in Smoke Tour at Target Center featuring Dr Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Ice Cube, and Warren G. It was a hell of a first concert. Also a hell of a concert to see with your mom, seeing as there was a lot of casual nudity and illicit drug use throughout the stands. Needless to say my mom didn’t exactly know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to take me to the show. But all these years later, makes for a hell of a story.

Another one that comes to mind was seeing Blink-182 two nights before my wedding. We had a suite with a bunch of Go 963 listeners and all my groomsmen. It was fun to watch the band I fell in love with when I was at my most immature age just two days before I did the most mature thing of my life. It made for great juxtaposition.

Q: What is the deal with the Gold Cup [match that is coming to St Paul]? Is this cool? Should casual fans like myself be excited? – Sam

Oh, totally. In case you missed it, it was announced that the United State’s Men’s National Team will play the opening match of the 2019 Gold Cup at the new Allianz Field in St Paul next June.

The Gold Cup is CONCACAF tournament held every two years. It features all the teams in our continental group (North America, Central America and the Caribbean) with the heavy hitters being Mexico (won seven) and the US (won six).

This is a cool thing to host and the hopefully be the first of many big-time US Men and Women’s matches at Allianz Field.

Q: What is your take on the US World Cup roster released Wednesday? – Ben

Funny thing is, this question wasn’t sent by a troll. It was sent by one of my best friends who is a fellow diehard US soccer fan like myself. It was a funny question and I laughed when I read it (the joke being the US isn’t in the World Cup and therefore did not release a roster). So you know what that means?

WE ARE AT THE STAGE OF GRIEF WHERE THE US MISSING THE WORLD CUP IS FUNNY! Wooooo! It was a long, sad eight months but I think we are finally healing. Time to move on and just enjoy the World Cup.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody have a blast and I hope to see you all at Bunny’s NE for Art-A-Whirl.

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