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Q: Where does [Vikings win on Sunday] rank on the list of all-time Minnesota sports moments? – Kyle

Tough to say. Still very much in the moment right now. I feel like we need some more time to put it in the right context. I know the moment will be great forever and something we will never forget, but there is no denying it will lose some of the shine if we take a dump in Philly on Sunday. That’s just the truth.

I’d say for now it is still behind Games 6 and 7 of the 1991 World Series, but it is definitely in the conversation for the best sports moment in the history of this state. It has been like five days and I am still just in shock. I know this has been said all week long, but those types of things just don’t happen in this state. I, like a lot of Minnesotans, spent all day Monday (and all week, really) just soaking it all in, watching every single reaction video, eating up every meme, just enjoying everybody in this great state being so damn happy after we have all gotten collectively kicked in the crotch by this franchise so many times in the past.

It also serves a reminder of how sports has the power to bring people together. I loved all the videos of family and friends celebrating. That’s what it is all about. I will always point to those videos whenever some high-on-their-horse tool rolls their eyes when they find out you love sports. What else in this world can cause you to jump into the arms of a complete stranger? We need more of that in this world, not less. Sunday night served as a good reminder of why we care so much about our favorite teams in the first place. Never be ashamed of being a sports fan.

Q: What location would be the destination for a Ben, Dana & Giselle listener trip? – Dan

This is a great idea. We have been kicking it around between the three of us and the listeners. We want to make this happen. Have we brought it up to the boss yet? No. That is a problem for Future Us to deal with. 

Vegas was thrown out there, but that has been done so many times. Maybe a cruise? Maybe a music festival?

All good ideas, but so far the leader in the clubhouse is Tijuana. Stay tuned. 

Q: I was talking with some friends about how great those MTV News briefs were when we were kids. It was how the entire world got their music news. What is something you miss because the internet made it obsolete? – Meg

MTV News was great. I would get so excited whenever that intro music came on my TV. Then when they dropped some news on artist or band I liked? Jackpot! Also, one of my very first crushes was Serena Altschul of MTV News. My little teenage heart would race whenever she popped up on the screen. I always crossed my fingers during the intro that it would be her and would get pissed whenever it ended up being Loder, Sway or one of the others.

Instant news and highlights at the touch of a button are great, but there definitely is something to be said about the art of “catching” something back in the day. I must say I do miss that. When you flipped on Sportscenter JUST at the right time to catch the highlights of your favorite team. Or when you just happen to catch one of those legendary episodes of Beavis and Butthead that everyone at school talks about.

Those really were the days. Do I ever want to go back to that? Oh, god no. No. No, no, no. Not even for a weekend. But they are great memories for sure.

Q: Newspapers have All the President’s Men, The Paper and now The Post. TV has Broadcast News, Anchorman, Network. Hollywood makes movies about Hollywood every year. So why aren’t there more iconic, popular movies about radio? – Phil

I think because radio shows are actually kinda boring. Newspaper reporters are doing incredible work tackling important issues, bringing down the corrupt and the evil. Same with TV to a different extent. Radio? It’s just three people in a room goofing off, at least in our case on Ben, Dana and Giselle. People occasionally ask if they can come in-studio to watch Ben, Dana and Giselle. I alway say yes but warn people it isn’t all that exciting. Plus, Giselle usually has gas. Just kidding… but not really. She is going to be so mad I said that. Oh, well.

I guess the only great radio movie made was Private Parts the biopic about Howard Stern. Other than that? There is that awful Adam Sandler movie Airheads where they take a radio station hostage. That move is a pile. Don’t email me defending it. I will report you to the police. I guess you could go really far out on a limb and say Good Morning Vietnam is a movie about radio, but, like I said, that is a bit of a reach.

I guess it is on me to write the next great radio movie. A biopic of the three of us doing a radio show and trying to rise in the ranks against morning shows that have been going for 25 years. And dealing with their co-host Giselle’s gas. Just send me the Oscar now.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on the best way to remove a protein stain from a cashmere sweater? – Adam

No. No, man. Sh*t, no, man. I believe you’d get your ass kicked askin’ something like that, man.

Q: What games should be on the N64 Classic edition, if Nintendo makes one? – Scott

It will be really interesting to see what Nintendo does with a potential Nintendo 64 Classic. There are a few potential roadblocks. How many controllers come in the box? The best part about the 64 was the four-player madness. How much would it have to cost for the package to include four controllers? You can bet it will be a lot more than the $80 price tag the Super Nintendo Classic rolled with. Plus, there are some licensing issues with the games made by Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Banjo Kazooie, etc).

But we will let Nintendo worry about all that crap. Here are the games I would want to see on a potential N64 Classic.

  • Super Mario 64 – It doesn’t hold up as well today, but there is no doubt that Mario 64 is one of the most groundbreaking games ever. Running through the castle still transports me back to being 4th grader on Christmas Day.
  • Mario Kart 64 – In my opinion, the finest Mario Kart game ever made. There is a reason why so many bars still have tournaments today.
  • Goldeneye: 007 – No game in the 1990s was responsible for more multiplayer-match-turned-fistfight then Goldeneye. Still a blast to play.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Some consider not only the best Nintendo 64 game but the best Zelda game of all time. I wouldn’t argue.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Link’s quirky second adventure on the N64 is much different than Ocarina but still a classic in its own right.
  • Banjo Kazooie – Never my plate of wings, but there is no denying it is a beloved classic.
  • Super Smash Brothers – Much like Kart 64, there is a reason bars still host tournaments for this game.
  • Wave Race 64 – The first game to ever get the physics of waves and water down. You know you wanna do some backflips on a jet ski.
  • Paper Mario – It wasn’t exactly the sequel to Super Mario RPG we were all hoping for, but still an incredibly fun, innovative game.
  • Star Fox 64 – Preferably an updated version without Slippy Toad.
  • One of the Mario Party games – Whicever of the three was the best.
  • Perfect Dark – The spiritual sequel to 007 never quite lived up to the hype, but still another awesome multiplayer game.
  • Mario Tennis – Gotta get a sports game in here somewhere and this was one of the best.
  • Mario Golf – This one too!
  • Jet Force Gemini – A real GEM (see what I did there?) that never got the love it deserved.
  • WWF: No Mercy – Yeah, I am a mark for this game.
  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day – We need some M-rated raunch on the classic.
  • Blast Corps – This game was just straight up a lot of fun. Another that flew under the radar a bit.
  • Pilotwings 64 – A fun launch title that was a great sequel to the Super Nintendo classic.
  • Donkey Kong 64 – Gotta have a Kong game on all of my classics.

So there are the 20 games I am hoping they include on an N64 Classic. Flame away with any titles I forgot.

Q: Are the Vikings going to win? – Tom

Yep. I’ve been saying it for weeks. On this train, dreams will not be thwarted. This train, faith will be rewarded. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend. Thanks as always for reading. Talk to you all Monday morning at 6am on Go963.

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