Bishop Briggs performing at our Go Show at the legendary First Avenue. Photo by Darin Kamnetz

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Hello friends! The State Fair has started and Go 963 will be out there broadcasting every single day of the Fair. Check out the schedule here so you can come say hello to us. We will have new Go merch for sale and have a charging booths for your phones thanks to Firefly Credit Union.

Q: What is your favorite music venue in Minnesota? – Benji

That is kind of a broad question just because of all the different size music venues we have here. I mean, you could technically consider everything from a coffee shop to US Bank Stadium as music venues.

But no hot takes or joke answers for this one. The only answer you can go with here is First Ave. It is simply iconic. There is a reason why people from all over the country bring up First Ave when they find out you are from Minnesota. Same thing with national artists that come through our station before they play First Ave. Every single one of them talks about how playing at First Ave is something they have dreamt of for a long time.

There is something cool about seeing all the stars on the sides of the building and walking in and realizing just how much history has taken place up on that stage. I have been lucky enough to be in the back hallways and rooms and you get chills just thinking about the legendary musicians that have hung out back there waiting to take the stage. It really is something else.

Oh, and any music venue with an arcade machine AND a vending machine with snacks? That’s just speaking right to my heart.

Q: Do you think Chrissy Teigen used your love of bandanas as her inspiration for her recent “headband of the day” bit? I’d like to think she did. – Tyler

Did she directly copy me? Not intentionally at least. I mean, she does follow me on Twitter, so she may have just noticed my rad style and subconsciously copied it, you know, because she does follow me on Twitter. You know how when you follow someone on Twitter, kinda like how Chrissy Teigen follows me on Twitter, their humor and personality kind of rubs off on you a bit over time? That might be the case for Chrissy Teigen, since she follows me on Twitter and all.

Man, I am gonna be really embarrassed writing this if she has since unfollowed me on Twitter since the last time I checked.

Q: Are you as happy as I am that Big Big [Theory] is ending??????????? – Scott

I mean, not really? Judging by the amount of excited question marks you tacked on to your question it seems like you are very excited about it. Don’t think I can match your enthusiasm, Scott.

I never liked the show and I am sure I have taken shots at it (and other shows/movies/bands, etc) over the years, but I am trying to change my line of thinking on stuff like this. Sheldon and the gang’s zany zingers with a cued up laugh-track never did anything for me, but you know what? There are like 700 other channels on my Xfinity package and about 900,000 hours of other content on Netflix. I’ll just watch something else.

I think we could all do a better job of just enjoying what we enjoy and not feeling the need to crap all over what other people like. I have been making an effort at improving on that lately because I have been one of the biggest offenders. I know it has been the most popular show for a long time, and laws of the internet require us to tear down whatever is popular, but at the end of the day, Big Bang is a harmless show about some smart people that obviously millions of viewers find funny and relatable. Is that really so bad? It isn’t like Sheldon and his crew are Nazi-sympathizers or something. Although that would make a hell of a plot twist for the final season.

Also, I wouldn’t get too excited if you are a Big Bang-hater. The show isn’t going anywhere. There will be about 200 episodes airing a day on like 30 different channels in syndication for the rest of our lives.

Q: How far do you think you could make it down the big yellow slide at the Fair if they let you stand up on the blanket thing like a surfboard? – D.G.

I dunno, but now I really, really, really wanna try it. Maybe on the last day of the Fair I go for it? No chance I would make it all the way to the bottom, but maybe until the first or second ridge before I went ass-over-kettle? This is so intriguing to me. Somebody’s drunk buddy has had to have tried it at some point over the years. It has been there for 50 years.

Please email me if anybody has any stories of somebody attempting (failing) at this. Just remember, if you try it, it was D.G.’s idea, not mine. And for the love of god just make sure there are no kids next to you when you try it. No need to hurt a 6-year old while attempting something stupid.

Q: What would it take for you to get a face tattoo like Post Malone? – Kelly

Hmmmm. The only way I think I can see myself getting a face tattoo is if I’m on a bender and somehow ended up losing a bet to a guy named Rocco in Tijuana. Never welch on a bet in Tijuana — that’s rule No. 1. Write that down.

Naw, face tattoos aren’t for me. More power to you if you wanna ink your face, but I’ll pass. They seem to be getting more and more common. I remember when Mike Tyson did it and everybody was floored. But today his face tat looks like the Mona GD Lisa compared to some stuff you see today. Post Malone looks like a college dude who passed out and his buddies scribbled all over his face to take embarrassing pictures. But, dude makes bangers, so what do I know?

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody have fun at the Fair this weekend and please come stop by the Go Radio booth. Can’t wait to see everybody.

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