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Q: Major fomo over the [Minnesota United home opener] on social media. How was the stadium? Want to see it so bad now – Dane

Ahhhhh, Allianz Field is so magical. I just kept walking around not believing this was in Minnesota. I kept turning to friends saying, “I can’t believe this is ours.” I have been lucky enough to travel all over the country going to soccer matches and I have seen a lot of stadiums. I have never seen something like Allianz Field. I want to move in there.

It isn’t hyperbole to say that it is the best stadium we have here in Minnesota. Every detail was well thought out and done right. Few observations…

  • The supporters section where my season tickets are is a total trip. The thing is so steep (in a good way) that you feel like you are hanging right over the field. Everybody should sit there for a match there. It is a sports experience you won’t find anywhere else in this state.
  • BATHROOM TRAFFIC COPS! This was awesome. There really is no downtime in a soccer match. Halftime is only 15 minutes. You want lines to move fast. There was a guy directing traffic in the men’s bathroom at halftime making things move fast. It was great.
  • The Beer Hall rules but understandably filled up fast before a chilly home-opener.
  • There was staff all over helping people find their way and answer questions.
  • You should go. And let me know when you do. We will clink cans of delicious beer.

Q: If you could tp one Twin Cities morning radio persons house who would it be and why? – T.K. 

Ben Holsen’s. He knows why…

Q: If you could be the Rock for one whole day what would you do and why? – Benjie

Well the first thing would be obvious: call Vin Diesel and patch things up for the good of the world and the good of the Fast and Furious franchise. That would be my first and most important goal. I would use all 24 hours of the day as Rock holed up in a room making that happen if needed. 

After that? Then it would be time to have some fun. Here’s what I would do.

  • Bench press 400 pounds and then do 50 pull ups or something just to see what that is like.
  • Go through Rock’s phone and Facetime the coolest people he has in his phone book.
  • Flex in front of the mirror shirtless for a bit. YOU KNOW YOU WOULD TOO!
  • Give the personal assistant an insane list of demands just to see if they could pull it off. “Yeah, I would like the guy who played Cody on Step-by-Step here juggling flaming Rubiks Cubes on a unicycle while a full orchestra plays the old NBA on NBC theme song. And you have one hour to get it done.”
  • Publicly challenge Stone Cold Steve Austin to one more match at Wrestlemania and then sign some sort of binding contract so that Rock has no choice but to go through with it once Rock becomes Rock again.
  • Go walk around in public and do cool things for people to make their day/month/year/life. Seriously, does anybody not love Rock? I am sure it gets exhausting for him getting recognized everywhere (although he does a great job with it) but I’d just go around posing for pictures and hugging fans.
  • Then, lastly, right before clock strikes midnight and I turn back into a pumpkin, I would open up his phone one last time and send $20,000,000 to @DanaWessel on Venmo. C’mon! I earned it! Being The Rock is exhausting.

Q: 10 year HS reunion is coming up next month. Not super jazzed or anything. Should I go or skip? – Mell

I guess it all just kinda depends on your feelings towards it. If you are feeling anxious about it or think it might trigger dumb high school memories, then punt on the thing. High school was a rough time for a lot of people, so there is no need to go back and face that crap again as an adult if you aren’t feeling it. Social media has basically rendered the entire reunion thing pointless and obsolete. You know who is doing what these days thanks to Facebook. The curiosity of what people are up to is gone. You know who is doing well, who flamed out, and who shares a daily racist Facebook meme.

It also couldn’t hurt to just give it a shot. I imagine the reunion is taking place at a bar and not some desolate location. If it sucks or your sloppy ex is there making things weird then you can always just pull the ripcord and do the Irish exit.

I went to my 10-year and it was fine. Not great, but not as awkward as I thought it could be. Definitely fun to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen since the day we graduated. Did some shots with people I hadn’t seen since high school and haven’t seen since. I remember feeling a bit relieved when it was over though.

So that’s my advice. If you are feeling anxiety over the whole thing then just say screw it. But if there are people you want to catch up with then give it a go. Nothing wrong with drinking some cold ones and telling some old ones sometimes…or however that Toby Keith song goes. Yeah, don’t judge me. I went through a Toby Keith phase. I regret nothing.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! First 70 degree Saturday of the year. Get out there and make it count.

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