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Well hello there! We had an air-staff meeting this week and got an update on #SnowShow18 ticket sales. You are going to want to get these things now. They will be gone sooner than later. As I warned on Twitter, no sliding in my DMs after they are gone. You were warned!!

Q: Do people go to weddings by themselves? Asking for a fr…okay, I’m asking for me. – Becca

Oh, hell yeah you do. Going to weddings by yourself is a ton of fun. Bringing a random date to a wedding who doesn’t know anybody there is kind of the worst. Then you are stuck entertaining them the entire time the whole time while introducing them to people all night. Just the worst. Going solo means you can just rock out with your friends that are there. That also leaves the option open of meeting someone, even though I am pretty sure wedding hookups only happen in the movies.

I think plus-ones should be banned from weddings. If you aren’t married/engaged or seriously dating someone that already knows the bride and groom and would have been invited anyway, just roll solo. It’s better (and cheaper) for everyone.

Q: Is that [Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken] place in Uptown you keep tweeting about it really that good? – Kenny

Ohhhh yes.  Yes it is. I have been there about four times since they opened two weeks ago. Might be a big factor on why I put on a pair of jeans I got last fall and noticed they inadvertently became skinny jeans, but whatever, the world is ending soon. Enjoy some chicken wings.

I was introduced to Bonchon by my guy DJ Bonics from Go953 while we were all in Chicago for a radio convention a few months ago. He swore to me that this would be some of the best chicken wings I have ever had. Me, being someone who fancies himself as a wing connoisseur, was silently a bit skeptical of Bonics’ bold claims about the wings at Bonchon. Everyone always claims they know where “the best wings in the world are!!!” I took a leap of faith though because I trust Bonics with my life. I mean, the dude has seen the world with Wiz Khalifa as his tour DJ. He knows his wings.

And….good lord was he right. I had never had Korean fried chicken before but it is next-level good. They double-fry the wings and they come in two sauces – hot or soy garlic. I want to bathe in the soy garlic. Just float in a giant pool of it. You will love it. Trust me.

There is the Bonchon in Uptown right now (old Davanis) and another coming soon to Dinkytown (old Vescio’s). They stay open until 3am. I imagine them being quite chaotic at bar close in both spots. No need to go get the average late-night pizza slice anymore. You can go dine on Bonchon wings like a king! Or, as Bart Simpson would say, “a damn-hell-ass king!”

Q: I see you tweet about your crockpot a lot. When are you going to join the rest of us in 2018 with an instapot? – Chris

Never! I am all-in on Team Crockpot. I find some odd satisfaction when things take a long time to cook. That’s why I love my smoker so much. There is just this feeling of accomplishment when eating something that took you all day to cook. It tastes so much better for some reason. I know it makes no sense, but it’s how my brain works.

I don’t trust those insta things. Just seem sketch to me. You shouldn’t be able to cook pulled pork in 45 seconds or whatever it is. That just isn’t right. I refuse to turn to the darkside and use your dark magic cooking device. Seems like something Voldemort would use. You are officially Voldemort if you use an instapot. Gryffindor and our Crockpots will win in the end.

Also, as long as we are talking about cooking, wanna know how old I am? I am Got Excited About Getting an Immersion Blender years old. I got one last week and I love it. It makes going to on down to visit Soup City (copyright John Sharkman) so much more fun. It is like the power tool of cooking. You feel so much power when you are immersion-ing something. Vrooooooooooooom!

Q: How conflicted are you that Arbys is now doing a duck sandwich? – Marcus

Arby’s can die in a fire for this. DON’T EAT DUCK! Ducks are beautiful, majestic animals that are for feeding breadcrumbs to at the park. Not for eating. Who are you savages that eat ducks? I don’t trust any of you. You all belong in prison.

I know I had some fun with the Uptown Arby’s closing (despite having never gone there), but this is the last straw for me. BOYCOTT ARBY’S.

In case you missed it, here is video of me at the candlelight vigil for said Uptown Arby’s, something that my wife is still considering leaving me for.

Q: Your movie Camp Nowhere would never be able to happen nowadays because of cell phones. – Maggs

Well, sure, but was a movie about a bunch of high school kids defrauding their parents out of money and starting their own summer camp with the help of a disgraced drama teacher all that plausible in 1994 to begin with? People always point out how old TV shows and movies would be different with cell phones. Of course they would. Just like Gladiator would be a lot different if they had machine guns and tanks.

But this realization shouldn’t ruin your enjoyment of Camp Nowhere or any other movie from a different time. Nowhere is a stone-cold classic and it should be celebrated in the upper elechon of other classic 1990s movies. It really is a shame this one doesn’t get more attention. Maybe it will get its proper love someday, sorta like how Edgar Allan Poe’s works didn’t become famous until after he died.

OK, I just compared Camp Nowhere to Edgar Allan Poe. Might be enough for this week. Hit the big finish!

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend!

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