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Q: We were debating what the ideal summer job was for a high school kid. My friend says it was landscaping (or other manual labor) because it is exercise and you make more money. I said it was at a cool store in the mall. I worked at Sam Goody and got hella discounts and didn’t have to sweat. – Brek

Oh, great, a Sam Goody reference! Haven’t thought about that place in a long time. So with your discount were you able to get an Eminem CD that was regularly priced at $24.99 for the low, low price of $19.99? I kid, I kid.

I did a bit of landscaping when I was in high school. The money was good and you got a lot of sun, but damn that was hard work. Moving 10 tons of rock from a driveway to a backyard or creating a boulder wall isn’t exactly fun.

I think the best would be the community pool/water park. You get to be outside, hang by the pool, sneak your friends in for free, flirt with the pool babes/studs. That is good living. As long is your job is something other than lifeguard, of course. Nothing puts a damper on the summer going into your senior year of highschool like being responsible for little Timmy drowning.

Another job I had in high school that I really enjoyed was amusement park. I worked at Camp Snoopy in the Mall of America. For you kiddos out there, Camp Snoopy was what they called Nickelodeon Universe back in the day. It was a great gig. I worked the games of skill, the basketball shot, the ping pong balls in the floating water dish, you get the point. I met a lot of friends and gave away a lot of giant stuffed animals to cute girls that didn’t technically win them.

Q: Hot enough for ya? – Kort

I am just happy we got a nice 36-hour spring before the 95-and-humid swamp soup came out to play.

I always complain about the heat but I am going to try to embrace it this year. I have a deck and live by a lake (SICK BRAG). There is no reason for me to be sitting inside in the AC all summer. I am trying to better myself in the summer of 2018! The Summer of Dana!

Now nobody remind me I said this in a week when I am complaining about the heat on Twitter while looking to see if there are any radio stations in northern Alaska that are hiring.

Q: Do you trust people who work out without headphones?  Assuming no, what type of tunes are blasting at the gym for you? – Patrick

I actually usually go without headphones when I am lifting. I know, I know. Call me an animal but it is true. I don’t have any of those fancy wireless ones or a cool-guy bicep phone holder so I typically find it just annoying. I got the earbud cord flying everywhere, gotta keep my phone in a pocket somehow, it ends up being just more annoying than helpful.

But I gotta have tunes going when I am running otherwise my brain will just convince myself to stop running after like 20 seconds. My running playlist might surprise you. I love catchy pop tunes, especially female artists. Give me some Pink, Ke$ha, Avril, Rihanna, Taylor, Pitch Perfect soundtrack. All jams. Run through a brick wall, baby.

Q: I came home to find my wife, on May the 22nd 2018, watching Elf on DVD so do you know how quickly it takes to get a divorce because clearly this is somebody I cannot trust – Ken

Wow. Normally I don’t like to condone ending holy matrimony, but this is sketch. I guess I could see if Elf was randomly showing on TBS for some reason in May and she threw it on for background noise, or MAYBE if she saw it on Netflix and thought for a second it might be funny or ironic to toss it on for a bit, but to actually go through the hassle of putting in the DVD? In 2018?! Are you kidding me? Have you taken the work to put in a DVD recently? How did we ever do that on a regular basis? Putting it in, waiting for it to load, trying to remember which HDMI input the player is connected to…get outta here.

Before anyone emails me, this is not me crapping on the movie Elf (lord knows I have questionable movie tastes) or even watching a Christmas movie in the summer, this has everything to do with someone watching a DVD in 2018. That just scares me.

Ken, you are welcome to stay on my couch until the dust settles and the divorce papers are finalized.

Q: 20 years later, what are your memories of Godzilla ’98?” – Chaz

I love my colleague Chaz, host of First Impressions on Go 95.3, because this is the type of question only he would ask. I love it.

My lasting memory of the Godzilla from 1998 was that it was the first movie I ever walked out of the theater and thought to myself, “Well that sure was a piece of sh*t.”

I was 12 when it came out and, up until that point, every huge summer blockbuster I had seen was a masterpiece. Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Twister. I just assumed that every big, cool, action movie that would ever come out would be on that same level.

But that all changed when I watched Matthew Broderick and some other actors I don’t remember walk around Madison Square Garden destroying Godzilla eggs. That movie was just straight trash. Remember, this was 1998, the internet wasn’t what it is today. DVD players weren’t even common yet. Our entertainment options were VERY limited. Seeing a new movie was a big deal back then. The fact that it couldn’t even entertain an easily-entertained 12-year old tells you everything you need to know about it.

Arlight, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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