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Q: More annoying type of Uber driver? Overly talkative Uber driver or playing annoying music Uber driver? – Charlie

I’ll see your talkative/annoying music Uber drivers and raise you a ‘trying to get you into their pyramid scheme’ Uber driver. No joke, that has happened to me.

Now let’s be clear. I am not talking about professional networking. I totally get that, especially if you are driving Uber because you are between gigs/unhappy at your job. Life is all about who you know and I totally believe in chance encounters that can help people out. I have happily given my business card to local musicians who drive Lyft/Uber when they find out I work in radio. That’s all cool.

But a few weeks ago some homeboy legit tried to get me into his pyramid scheme. It had to do with selling coupons through some shady app. He told me how he got into it as a seller and now has sellers working for him. He tried to get me to download the app and join his team. He kept telling me how you can easily make $10,000 a month. Why would someone making easily $10 grand a month driving Uber? ‘I just do it out of the goodness of my heart. I like knowing people have a safe ride.” OK, then.

If you are a fan of Ben, Dana and Giselle, fear not. I didn’t download the app to start selling coupons. But I guess part of me trespects the guy’s hustle. It takes a lot of sauce to try to convince an adult to join a pyramid scheme in 2018.

Q: Where would you rank [the new Netflix movie] To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in comparison to rom coms of our generation? – Kacy

In case you don’t know, I am an unashamed fan of rom-coms. The whole “dudes watch action movies! Chicks watch rom-coms!” BS is so 1985. That needs to stop. Like whatever you like.

OK, just had to get that out of the way first. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before It is absolutely near the top. I think my biggest takeaway from it was just how sweet it was. It wasn’t cruel or filled with nasty characters. It was light, sweet and just left you feeling happy. There aren’t enough movies like that these days.

There are a surprising amount of mean-spirited rom-coms, especially since, you know, rom-com stands for romantic comedy. Look at some of the most popular ones from our generation where the main characters are pretty awful people that magically learn a lesson in the end. She’s All That? Soccer captain makes a bet he can make an unpopular girl the prom queen by hooking up with her. 10 Things I Hate About You? Guy pays another dude to date a girl so he can, in turn, date her younger sister. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Both main characters start the relationship as a bet. 

That’s why it was cool to see a movie where the characters were all nice people with good intentions. Lara Jean doesn’t fall for a bad boy that eventually learns from his mistakes and a-hole ways and begs for forgiveness. Peter is a good dude with a big heart. Sure, the scheme for the fake relationship at the start was dumb, but so are high school kids, and they came up with it together, with Lara getting to make the rules, too. By the end of the movie it is clear Peter is a good person that loves Lara Jean and her family. It was just a really refreshing movie.

Anyway, not sure if any of that rambling even made sense. I just really liked the movie and hope there will be a sequel. I guess this was based on the first of a trilogy of books so I would say the odds are likely.

Q: When are you going to the last Blockbuster? – Megs

I have been trying to convince my wife to take a road trip from Minneapolis to Bend, Oregon to check out the last surviving Blockbuster Video. It’s only 26 hours!!!! It is practically a day trip!

I have a lot of fond memories of going to the ‘Buster as a kid, including when I worked there in high school. I loved that thrill of the chase of getting the last copy of that popular movie on a Friday night. Also, did anybody else do the move where they’d take a really hot video game like NBA Jam and hide it behind a less popular game so it would be there next time you game? No? Just me? OK, forget I said anything.

Even if I can’t make it out to the last Blockbuster I at least hope I can get my hands on some of the Last Blockbuster Beer. Whatever happens to the final Buster I am glad things are going with with a weird, nostalgic bang rather than the wimper it looked like it was going out with.

Q: Who was the best character in the 2003 classic Haggard? – Josh

Gotta go with Naked Dave.

Also, if you have never seen the cinematic opus known as Haggard, I suggest changing that immediately.

Q: What musician or band that has come through your station has been the biggest [jerk]? – Brady

I have gotten this question a few times in the past in these mailbags and fully never answer it. I do that for a couple reasons. First, I don’t think it is fair to slam a band or musician for a five or 10 minute encounter when they were maybe less than pleasant. Maybe we just caught them at a bad time. Living a tour bus is a stressful existence. That, and the truth is the vast majority of artists we have done events with at Go have been total pros. The alternative scene is full of awesome people right now.

Also, there already is enough negativity out in the universe. So when I get asked this question ,I like to share a story instead about somebody who was really cool. Fall Out Boy played a show at Xcel last fall on a Sunday. Pete Wentz agreed to come to the station before the show to do a Q&A/meet and greet with a big group of Go listeners. Pete was as nice and as charming as you would hope. At one point during the Q&A he asked if everybody was going to the concert that night and just about everyone cheered. He then asked if anybody wasn’t going. One guy sheepishly raised his hand. Pete says, “You are now” and reached into his wallet and pulled out a pair of tickets. Cool move, Pete.

Q: What is the point of a PopSocket? Am I just old because I don’t understand the point. – Chad

I didn’t get the point for the longest time ever. I thought it would just be bulky in my pocket. I prefer the feel of a thinner phone, and I even get annoyed about how much more thickness my case adds. But I recently caved and got one. I picked up my co-host Giselle’s phone to take a picture and the PopSocket just felt heavenly. It really is a game-changer. Once you have one you will forget how you ever held your phone without one.

Plus, we just got a new batch of Go 96.3 sockets to sell at the Fair and I am ALL about that branding. Go grab one if you’re at the Fair (PLUG!!!!!!!!!!) or grab some of our rad shirts designed by my guy Kush. A few of the styles have already sold out so get on it.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody enjoy the last weekend of summer before September hits and we all start preparing our Green Day memes. No regrets.

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