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Q: Dude I love you but you are totally wrong about food trucks. – Jamie

Well I am glad you still love me despite disagreeing with me, Jamie.

To fill you in on what Jamie is talking about, this week on Ben, Dana and Giselle we were arguing if food trucks are overrated or not. I was firmly on the stance that they are overrated. I will eat at them when at breweries and whatnot, and I like that it is an inexpensive way for a chef or startup to get their food out there, but I don’t get the overwhelming hype behind them.

My biggest complaint is that there is nowhere to sit. You wait in line, a VERY long line typically, and then have to stand in a parking lot and eat your food? What if you also have a beverage. You gotta do that move where you hold it between your arm and your body? No thanks. Give me a chair, table and air conditioning.

Know what food trucks could do to win me back? Let me sit shotgun after I order my food. Blast some AC, use the cupholder, listen to some Go 96.3. That’d be rad.

Q: My wife and I always fight about doing chores so we came up with an idea. We are going to do a draft of three chores. The chores you “draft” means you don’t have to do them the rest of the year and the other person is responsible. What should my first pick be? We are just talking about the standard household chores. Nothing like mowing the lawn or shoveling or anything. – Anthony

My big board would have two right at the top. First would be running the vacuum. There really is nothing worse, especially if you don’t have one of those fancy robot vacuums, which my wife and I very much do not. Our vacuum is just slightly louder than a jet plane taking off. Honestly, the thing is so loud that I am surprised people in Wisconsin aren’t phoning in noise complaints. Then once you mix in having to plug and unplug it as you move from room-to-room? No thank you.

The second on my board would be unloading the dishwasher. It is a simple task but just seems so daunting to me. There are times where I am looking at the clean dishes in the dishwasher and consider just throwing them all away and starting from scratch. Just seems a lot easier than walking all over the kitchen trying to figure out where everything goes. Don’t tell me wife, but I couldn’t get this ladle-looking thing to fit in the drawer recently and I didn’t know where else to put it so I just chucked it. Sorry, Heather!

This is a brilliant idea, Anthony. More couples should do it. I bet it would stop a lot of fights before they would start. I don’t think it would go over well in my house though. There are only a few chores I am capable of doing. This was an actual exchange my wife and I had a while back.

Q: What sports or events that don’t already have a World Cup need to have a World Cup? – Sam

This is a great question. I think we can all agree that the best competitions are ones that involve the entire world. Nothing like settling some bitter global rivalries with a friendly sport or competition.

  • World Cup of Global Guts – How great would a reboot of Global Guts but with the best adult athletes on the planet? Same games, just adults. I would love to watch LeBron go up the Aggro Crag against Ronaldo.
  • World Cup of Pogs – I am picturing a packed arena, announcers going crazy with some badass lighting as two competitors go head-to-head.
  • World Cup of Slamball – Duh
  • World Cup of Monster Trucks – We will regret it forever if we never find out what Grave Digger can do on the global stage.
  • World Cup of Eating Contests – Just because America would dominate.
  • World Cup of Guy’s Grocery Games – An international competition for the best cooking show on TV would be rad as hell.

Q: I need something catchy to add to my dating profile. Haven’t been having much luck. I know we have never met but do you have any ideas? – Connor

Hmmm this is tough with only knowing your name, Connor. But I say put something in there that will make them curious, like how you once won a Showcase Showdown on Price is Right, or you finished third last year in the world Jenga championships.

Let me know if your luck turns around. I’ll hook you and your special someone up with tickets to our next Go Show.

Q: What is the best movie soundtrack? By that I mean songs written specifically for a movie, not something like I, Tonya which just takes a bunch of great songs and puts them together. For me, I have it narrowed down to two films, Flash Gordon or Streets of Fire. – Nathan

I am not sure objectively which one is the best of all time. I am sure people are going to get shouty when I don’t say Purple Rain, which is probably true, but that doesn’t take the top spot for me. I am going to go with two that I listened to the most growing up. Make fun of me all you want. I deserve it for this answer.

The Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (the Leo and Claire version, obvi) was straight fire. I think every girl I ever had a crush on between the years of 1999-2003 got a mixed CD with tracks from that soundtrack. That was some serious smoochin’ music.

The other soundtrack from my youth that had the biggest impact on my life was Space Jam. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Dana, didn’t you say in a recent Ask Wessel that Space Jam was a terrible movie?!” I did! And it is! It is an awful, awful movie. But the soundtrack was amazing. Every kid my age had it growing up. Nothing better than lowering the hoop on the driveway to six feet and dunking a miniball while your boombox was blaring Quad City DJs. OH MY GOD THAT SENTENCE MADE ME FEEL SO OLD.

Also, by the way, did you know that the Space Jam soundtrack went 6x platinum? “I got a basketballllll jones…a basketball jones…”

Q: Would you watch a round of 16 Consolation bracket in the World Cup? Best of the worst tournament! Play games on off days. – Batchers

One hundred percent yes. I would LOVE that. Look at some of the passion of the players and fans of exiting countries. Look at the fight South Korea showed in a match that had nothing but pride on the line once Sweden went up on Mexico. Or the Peru team that made their first World Cup since 1982 and played well enough to move on. I would absolutely watch a loser’s bracket. Anything to extend the World Cup. Hell, how about a 5-a-side tournament of teams filled with drunk fans from different nations? You know you’d watch that.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend! Everybody have a great weekend and a fun 4th of July if I don’t talk to you.

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