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And we’re back!! Sorry for the lack of answers last week. I got super busy with stuff, working on a ton of different projects, and, ah hell, who am I kidding? The short week threw off me off and I played a lot of Zelda. My bad. On to the questions!

Q: Do you think we can build this dream together? – Parker

For those of you who don’t know Parker, allow me to translate. He is asking if I think the Twins can make the playoffs to the tune of the song ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship.

Do I think we can build this dream together? Hell yeah I do! I am so on board right now. Let’s go. Everybody on the wagon. This train ain’t stopping until we get to October.

This may be a cliche and very Minnesota-sports-fan-attitude, but even if we don’t build the dream together, it is just so fun and refreshing to have big-time meaningful baseball again in the month of September. Especially in a season where we had less than zero expectations coming into things back in April.

But ya know what? Screw that “just happy to be there” attitude. LET’S BUILD THIS DREAM TOGETHER! 3-2 HIT IT!

Q: Do you guys wear pants when you do your show? I assume that’s the benefit of radio over TV is that you don’t have to wear pants. I definitely wouldn’t wear pants if I were you. – Steven

I mean, sometimes? Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we wear matching onesies. Sometimes, for no reason at all, Giselle will come dressed as a panda. We keep it pretty loose in the studio. It’s funny when we have a meeting with other people in the office who are dressed like actual adults and we show up wearing Yoda onesies.

Q: What is the ultimate “seemed like a good idea at the time” food/meal? Where it always seems like a good idea but then you ultimately feel like a disaster after? For me it is BBQ. I crave it and then always end up overdoing it and end up a bloated sweaty mess. – Sam

I definitely know what you are talking about with BBQ, but it tastes so damn good that I just don’t care. I always end up consuming like 72-hours worth of calories whenever I go to a BBQ place. I can’t help myself.

One time in KC we went to Arthur Bryant’s before a night of partying. Smart to get a solid base before you go tune up the band, right? Well, rather than eating what would be a solid base for a human male, I ate what would be considered a solid base for a 2-ton rhino. I felt disgusting. I couldn’t stop burping and sweating. My future wife was totally impressed with me (note: she wasn’t). I attempted to drink a beer but there was literally no room left in my stomach for anything. Whatever. Totally worth it.

The other one that comes to mind to me is Giordano’s Pizza. For some reason every three or four months I think ‘dano’s would be a great idea. And it is a great idea… right up until like the second bite. Then you hate yourself and just want bury your face in your grease-filled hands and cry.

Q: Does Taylor Swift fart? There is no way she farts. Right? – Tyler

Oh, come on. Of course she does. Tay Tay definitely busts ass. Everyone does, Tyler, no matter how persistent those rumors were in middle school that pretty girls don’t fart.

However, I assure you nobody has any tangible proof that she has farted and no eye-witness would ever speak of it happening. I guarantee you she has anybody who has ever been in her presence when she has blasted ass sign a waiver stating that if they ever even so much as hint at her farting she is allowed to beat you to death with a pair of Keds and glass shards from a broken bottle of Diet Coke.

Q: A bud & I are on opposite sides of a sports rivalry. I recently blocked & unfollowed him to avoid negative banter. Good or bad decision? – Dan

As long as it is mutual, I see no problem. If you just blocked him out of the blue then maybe it was kind of a di*k move. But if it was done to preserve your friendship and you guys are still buds, then it’s all good.

Wait, is he a Wisconsin fan? If so then just block him in real life too. Nobody has time for that.

Q: I’ve noticed more and more cops switching lanes or making turns without their blinkers. I obvs don’t care when they do it when their lights are on. But, sometimes they do it when they’re just shaloming around town… it really bugs me. Should cops have to follow blinker rules like the rest of us? Am i crazy for even caring about this behavior? – Kevin

I have noticed that before too. They kinda seem like they think that the rules don’t always apply to them. I love when they turn on their siren lights and flashers just to go through a red light, before turning them back off once they cross the street.

They absolutely should follow the rules like the rest of us, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things that cops have done lately, I suppose a minor traffic violation is the least of my worries.

Q: Bruno Mars excluded, who do you think is seriously in the running for the Super Bowl halftime show? – Jlo

Why not Bruno?! I am on board with Bruno having a Super Bowl residency for the next decade. Just call it ‘Bruno & Friends.’ Each year he brings up some new surprise guests. Bruno is the perfect man for the job.

But if we can’t go with him, I’d say the Jay-Z/Timberlake thing makes a lot of sense. Wide range of appeal, which is ultimately what the NFL wants. Plus, the league is smart enough to know that having Beyonce’s husband do the show is their best chance at another Queen Bey cameo, which is probably what they really want in the first place.

I can’t even really even come up with a better guess than that. Taylor Swift can’t do it because of the Coke/Pepsi situation, so she is relegated to the college football title game (which seems kind of beneath her, by the way). Who else is big enough? Adele has no interest and I don’t think the NFL would want her anyway. All the legacy acts have done it. Stones, Bruce, U2, etc. I personally would love the Foo Fighters but I just don’t think there would be enough appeal there to get the NFL excited, unfortunately.

Oh, and I am definitely not one of those “The Super Bowl is in Minneapolis so we need X local band to play!!” people. Yes, we have the Super Bowl. But it’s not our event. It’s the world’s event. I love the bands that have come from Minnesota, but Prince was the only one that could have commanded that stage. So let’s shoot higher.

Q: I have tried Heggies Pizza multiple times. I just can’t get behind it. Am I cooking it wrong? Also, when one is devouring a whole frozen pizza by oneself, why does one feel the need to still cut it into 8 slices? Asking for a friend and not because I just did that… – Amy

Hmmm. You could be cooking it wrong. Heggies is best enjoyed when the cheese is golden brown. Maybe you aren’t cooking it long enough?

The other, and much more plausible explanation, Amy, is that you must have made a deal with the devil long ago and no longer have a soul and therefore aren’t capable of enjoying the worldwide delicacy that is Heggies Pizza.

As far as the cutting situation? That’s just a small brain trick we use to foolishly try to convince ourselves we aren’t total monsters, and aren’t going to eat the whole thing. Let’s be honest, we have all housed an entire pizza by ourselves. Everyone. No judgement here. 

Everyone starts out with the best intentions, thinking that they’re going to save some for later, but that never happens. Also, I think it is more satisfying to eat it slice by slice. Unless you do that move where you cook a Jacks, fold it in half and eat it like a taco. I used to do that all the time in college. And when my wife was out of town a few weeks ago.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week! Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend. Everybody have a great weekend. Please listen to Ben, Dana and Giselle on Monday morning. If you do, I’ll bring over a crockpot full of meatballs some Vikings football Sunday.

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