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Q: Ur guy James [Holzhauer on Jeopardy!] ever gonna lose? – D.C

Well I write these before the Thursday episode of Jep airs so I certainly hope he doesn’t lose before this hits the site. That would really suck.

For those who somehow haven’t seen or heard, James Holzhauer is a Jeopardy! machine unlike anything we have ever seen. He has won 15 games and over $1,000,000 and has a style of play we haven’t seen before. He starts at the bottom of the board, raking in money while his two opponents are still getting a feel for the buzzer and the realization they are actually playing Jep. Before they realize what has happened, James has over $15,000 after finding the first Daily Double and the game is basically over.

I can think of two scenarios how James’ run could end. First, he would have to get REALLY unlucky on the Daily Doubles, either by not finding  them in the Double Jeopardy round or getting two or (gasp) all three wrong. That could spell his demise IF he also happens to run into a buzzsaw of a player who isn’t intimidated by him.

The other scenario I see of him getting bounced is if he hits a wall mentally. Former J! contestants will tell you how much of a grind the show can be. They tape five episodes a day twice a week and they only get like 10 minutes between episodes. That takes a lot even on somebody as smart and savy as James. 

But I hope he doesn’t lose for a long time and challenges Ken Jennings’ all-time streak of 74 straight wins. LET’S GO!!!!!!! I watch Jeopardy! like it is a sporting event. I just love it. 

Q: GF and i got into a fight while in Chicago last weekend about if we should tip housekeepers or not? I say no, she says yes. What does ask wessel say? – Greg

I always WANT to tip. Always want to. But like a lot of other people, I haven’t had cash on me since 2006. That being said, I sometimes don’t tip just due to a combination of lack of cash and laziness. But the thought is always there! I wish they would make it easier to tip with the card you are charging the room to. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just have them add an extra $20 to the card then tracking down an ATM? 

I know some people are anti-tip when it comes to the hotel service, but I think at least leaving a few bucks is the move. Now, if you are there one night just to sleep? I can see not tipping. But if it is any type of extended stay (especially if it is some dude weekend in Vegas or something) leave a little somethin’, you know, for the effort.

Q: For ask Wessel can we get a top 5 list for in movie snacking  (sneak in orrrr buying) – Tre

This answer is going to be kinda boring because I don’t go crazy when it comes to movie snacks. I just go regular ol’ popcorn, which is dumb, seeing as I don’t even like popcorn all that much and a bucket costs like $47. There is something just weirdly comforting about just shoving popcorn in your face for an entire movie, especially when it is some big dumb summer blockbuster with lots of ‘splosions.

It is nice that theaters are offering more options with restaurant-style food but I haven’t found it all that great in practice. Eating a flat-bread or cheeseburger in the dark isn’t exactly easy. Think of how often you end up with popcorn spilled all over your shirt? Now multiply that by something that is messy to eat. 

As far as the best sneak-in grub goes, my go-to is a good sammich, since my smuggling booze into movie theaters days are behind me. It is really easy to slide a Jimmy Johns in your jacket pocket. Easy, clean, simple. The best I ever saw was a (presumably stoned) couple came in with a full rotisserie chicken in a purse complete with sides. Respect. They should get an award. 

For the record, I have no qualms with people sneaking in food. Just, like always, clean up after yourselves. Movie ushers get paid crap and you are going to be walking past a garbage can on the way out. Don’t be a slob.

Q: As this soccer thing spreads across Sota, can you explain WTF is with the scarfs? #askdana – Chris

I guess the short answer is tradition. Started in England way back when football was a wee young game. You know those old timey photos of sporting events when people were all dressed in dark jackets? That was long before people would wear their favorite team’s jersey or body paint to games. Scarves started because they were practical to keep people warm since the seasons in England play through the winter. Also, it was an easy way to show what club you love.

They only really became big in the US in the last 20 years or so, thanks in large part to the creation of supporters groups (sections of fans for a team or country that align together, think American Outlaws or locally the Dark Clouds) who create and distribute them. It’s just a way to show pride in your club and looks cool when 19,000 people hold them above their heads before the match. 

Fans of every sport has their things and quirks. Baseball fans bring their gloves. Football fans go shirtless in the cold. Hockey fans throw hats on the ice. Soccer fans wear scarves….sometimes. They get a little hot in the summer during MLS season/US Soccer matches.

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s all raise a tall glass of orange juice and toast to the weekend!

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