By the time you are reading this, “SHAFT” will be in theaters. I’ve already seen it twice. And yes, it was worth watching twice. It’s a very funny movie, with a “bridging the generational gap” theme to it; great for young adults to watch with parents. 


The first time that I watched it was in Harlem, NY as part of press coverage for the film. Warner Brothers flew me out, put me in a nice hotel across from Central Park, and the next day organized a round table interview with the stars of Shaft! We met with them in the basement bar of the popular Harlem restaurant, Red Rooster. 


Samuel L. Jackson was just like you would imagine him to be: he walks in, all the attention goes straight to him. He cracks jokes, sprinkles just the right amount of cuss words into conversation for flavor. Sam is the man from the screen. And by design; he says that he doesn’t do things on camera that he wouldn’t do in real life… i.e. investigate a weird noise in the dark. He doesn’t want to be the guy that people scream “what are you doing!” to in a film.


Along with Jackson, my favorite star of Shaft is Alexandra Shipp. She was very thoughtful in her responses, and you could tell that she is a woman of principle and that she doesn’t take bs from people. She also stars in the X-Men films as Storm.

After the interview, we were treated to lunch at Red Rooster! I had a great time. Experiencing the film and the cast in Harlem where Shaft was set definitely added to the experience!


Catch my full conversation with the cast below & go check out “Shaft” — in theaters everywhere now!

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