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Every morning, Go 95.3‘s Auggie 5000 and Sophia Eris count down their top five artists or songs on a variety of topics. In the spirit of such high fives, Auggie has dropped his first exclusive: Five Reasons why Big Boi is the Superior Outkast Member.
1. He puts out music. Big Boi now has 3 solo albums out where his partner Andre has none.
2. Big Boi has shown his dominance lyrically on numerous occasions. A great example is on “Roses” or on “Player’s Ball.” 
3. Andre may be more known for his singing prowess, but Daddy Fat Saxxx might just be the better singer. Here he flexes his pipes for us on “All Night.”
4. Big Boi plays a superior villian. Take him as Marcus the drug dealer in ATL… against Andre as Dabu, the goofy goon in Be Cool.
5. Andre himself has admitted that Big Boi is the better rapper.

1 thought on “Auggie 5000’s 5 Reasons why Big Boi is the superior Outkast member

  1. @Auggie5000 Love the attempt, but this can be a big reach and YOU kno it. Kuz I could prolly make a list to refute that, and tell you why André 3K is the better of the duo. I can even do it using some of the same bullet points you used, and just flip it. Love y’all work. Peace & Blessings @FollowRalow

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